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What do you get when you cross Jake Gyllenhaal from the 2001 movie, “Bubble Boy,” and combine that with the FIFA World Cup? Florida Gulf Coast University Campus Rec will be hosting an indoor bubble soccer event on Thursday, Oct. If you haven’t already seen the viral videos on YouTube or Vine, Bubble Soccer is exactly as it sounds: playing soccer in a bubble suit. However, unlike soccer’s 11-player lineup, bubble soccer requires five people per team, no goalkeepers, and the game goes for 10 minutes.

In order to accommodate the high-demand, the event will offer one 10-minute game per team as opposed to a tournament style event. Bleich said that Campus Rec will be renting the “orbs” instead of buying them for a league due to lack of storage and American retailers that sell them.
Bleich added that if the event is successful and the issue of storage and retailers is solved, there’s a strong possibility of bubble soccer returning as a regular event. She majors in journalism and minoring in advanced procrastination and works throughout the area as a sports reporter and freelance photographer.

Fan of pre-Jameis Winston Florida State, college basketball, Red Sox Spring Training, and untorrented FC Barcelona games.

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