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New Head coach Alex Wood, appointed to take the helm of the storied Rattler program on December 23, will lead his charges through a challenging gauntlet of games that features three non-conference matches and eight Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference bouts. September will be a strong opening act for the Rattler squad, as they face three straight road games to open the season, beginning with the Sept. Home in Bragg Stadium will be the theme for the remainder of October, as the Rattlers will host three home games in four weeks: Oct. In November, FAMU closes the regular season as they began the campaign with three straight on the road: Nov.
Season ticket packages are being finalized  for the 2015 FAMU Home Schedule, and will go on sale beginning Wednesday, Jan. The Florida Atlantic University Athletic Department must have something against the football program.
Savannah State had it bad against Oklahoma State and Florida State, losing 139-0, but that pales in comparison to what’s about to happen to FAU. I was gonna save this for the Junk Drawer today, but the more I thought about it the more I felt it deserved its own post.
After an opening weekend series against GSU, the Bulldogs entertain Kennesaw State in a single game before heading to Tallahassee for a big non-conference series against the Florida State Seminoles. Other non-conference games include Furman, Georgia State, Binghamton, Buffalo, North Florida, Western Carolina, Western Kentucky, Presbyterian, Charleston Southern, Kennesaw State (at Coolray Field, Lawrenceville, GA), and Savannah State.

5 lid lifter in Tampa against the University of South Florida Bulls at Raymond James Stadium.
The Owls will travel to Athens to face #7 Georgia this weekend before going to Tuscaloosa to take on #1 Alabama the following week. The Owls are 10-26 in their last three seasons, the worst of which was their 1-11 run in 2011.
The SEC is bigger and faster than everyone else, and teams like Alabama and Georgia will bestow a beating upon you more physically damaging than anything you can find reflected on a scoreboard. Some administrators will say it’s about the experience for kids that never get to play in that type of environment. The Diamond Dawgs open the 2014 season at home on February 14 against the Georgia Southern Eagles.
The Dawgs also have three games against in-state rival Georgia Tech and two against Clemson.
The Dawgs will host three-game series against Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky and will travel to play LSU, Missouri, Florida, Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss. They barely beat FCS opponent Wagner 7-3 in their opener this year before falling to MTSU last week.
UGA will host the Yellow Jackets on March 4, play at Tech on April 15, and then face them at Turner Field in Atlanta on May 13.

21 against archrival Bethune-Cookman in the Florida Blue Florida Classic in the Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, Fla. FAU has a long way to go in Carl Pelini’s first year just be competitive in the Sun Belt, so playing two of the best teams in the country back-to-back seems like nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment.
This surely isn’t the method of choice for trying to rebuild a program and get ready for conference play. If I had the option of playing a team with which I could compete or having 90,000 people watch me get my teeth kicked in I think I’d go with the former.
Savannah State has been the punch line of every college football related joke for the first two weeks of the season.
He’d probably be better off having his team do gassers across I-95 during heavy traffic instead of playing these next two games. I think we can all agree that Georgia is top ten worthy while Alabama is out of this world, so thinking the Owls have a snowball’s chance of an upset is as ridiculous as those who think Earth is only 4,000 years old.
It’s the administration that decides going against a vastly superior opponent is worth some extra cash.

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