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Yesterday evening, the Florida State Seminoles revealed their new football uniforms (they actually unveiled for several sports, but the big unveil was for football). Before we even take a look at the stills, I want you to take a look at the following video, which is fairly in-depth, and provides some excellent views and angles of the new uniforms.
There are more photos (which you can view in a Nike press release, which I’ll link to at the end), but that is a pretty good representation of the home uniform.
The helmet is gold (and although it is shown with a gold facemask, FSU assures everyone the actual helmet will have a red facemask), with a garnet jersey and gold pants. The road uni will also be worn with the gold helmet, and there is the addition now of a set of white pants. If you look closely at the new design, you will see the Seminole tribe’s symbols for arrow, man on horse, and fire. Unfortunately, instead of keeping the sleeve patches (I can’t really even call them sleeves) blank, the collar pattern was repeated on each jersey sleeve.
And, while we are at it, the ‘noles introduce new uniforms for baseball, soccer, track, volleyball and basketball as well. Thanks to all the submitters — we’ll be back next weekend at which time Ross will reveal the winner(s) and how they will adapt the design for the Lewis & Clark league! Baseball News: Holy moly, look at these amazing Japanese baseball player kites (great find by Rob Walker). Grab Bag: Tenth-anniversary logo for the Rat City Rollergirls in Seattle (from Markus Kamp). Let’s now take a look at each of the three (because there are now three complete) uniform sets.
Pretty much what FSU has been wearing forever, but obviously there are some additions (the collar imagery, which is replicated on the sleeve panels) and of course, new fonts. Once again, the jersey (like the garnet) has the collar art which is repeated on the sleeve panels.
Obviously the spears crossing in the back of the helmet (as the video pointed out, mimicking the State Flag of Florida). It looks OK on the red jersey, since the sleeve design is garnet, but not as great on the white jersey, as that same garnet design is repeated on the sleeves.

If you’d like to submit your concept for either team, the deadline for submissions for the Pioneers is Wednesday, April 16 and the deadline for submissions for the Travelers is Wednesday, April 23.
The hierarchy of importance goes primary logo, then uniform design, and then all rest (i.e. With permission from both finalists, our graphics department will meld the two submissions together (if necessary) and place it in our common platform. Someone, not even in the top two, could see an element (such as an awesome secondary logo) appear in the final iteration. Some contestants sent descriptions (in some cases, very lengthy ones), others had little or no description. Make sure to vote for your favorites and let all of the concepters know what you think of their designs.
That will do it — almost like two full posts in one, since the FSU new unis bumped our usual Saturday lede to second place. If you watched the video posted at the beginning of this article, you’ll note that the Nike designers made multiple mentions that not only was this redesign two years in the works, they also went out of their way to clear this design by (and get the approval of) the Seminole tribe, from whom the team takes its imagery, logo and name.
As was explained in the video, Nike’s designers are trying to go hard on the symbolism, and the collar design reflects that. Tomorrow, Ross will have a short write-up for the tenth team, so make sure you check back then! This is done as a common denominator showcase for all twelve to look uniform when the contest has reached its end. We would never select the winner based solely on a minor design element, but we will also not let it go to waste. In an effort to make the voting as fair as possible, I have put those who sent multiple images into one single image, and no descriptions of the uniforms will follow.
They all put a great deal of effort into this, so tell them how they did (and lobby for your favorites, if you wish).
So, make sure you have voted for your three favorites in the Lewis & Clark contest, OK?
It’s slightly less intricate now, and also features a new feather (which was part of the logo that leaked several days ago).

I will NOT get into any of the debate about Native American names, logos and the like — since this is a completely different situation from those surrounding several of the professional teams who we discuss on these boards quite a bit. In my opinion, none of the sleeves need the pattern, but it looks best on the garnet jersey. As far as the new helmet, white pants and black uniform — all unneeded, but again, this is now SOP for most programs now. The school is widely known for dominating college football for a span beginning in the late 1980s through the early 2000s.
Since the team has received the blessings of the tribe, I’ll say that I actually like the collar design quite a bit. Changing a wordmark or adding a third color is not a disqualifier for good thought process. Keeping in mind Ross’ rules for voting, you may use these as an additional guide in determining which submission(s) you think are the best. Behind legendary coach Bobby Bowden, the Noles maintained a home in the top-5 of the polls. I’m not sure the old collar design, which also had a native-inspired design had to go, but OK.
Ignore the hideous camo designs and check out the basic designs in the right-hand sidebar (from Dustin Semore).
Despite falling off at the end of Bowden's reign, this era produced some of the greatest players in Florida State history.
The school became a de-factor feeding factory for the NFL, with a slew of first round draft picks and a number of other players who became fixtures in the pros.The Seminoles have won three national championships, seventeen conference titles, and five division titles. Sanders inspired the Tomahawk Chop, one of the most popular cheers that's associated with a particular school.
On top of Deion, quarterbacks Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke and recently, Jameis Winston, are all in an elite group of Heisman Trophy winners who also took a national title back to Tallahassee. Who do you think are the best Seminoles ever, Rankers?

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