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A large portion of the Florida State Cheerleading team who were kind enough to pose in a picture with Red Lightning. Before the NFL went to 32 teams, and a new scheduling format, it wasn't always the case, and you could get long gaps in games between teams (particularly interconference matchups), since part of the schedule was determined by a team's prior-year placement in its division. It's the two other teams in your conference that finished with the same division standings. The next four games are played against the four teams in a division in the other conference. The last two games come against two teams in their conference which they are not already playing that finished in the same place in their division standings as they did - i.e.
I believe the last two games are against the two teams from the remaining two divisions in your own conference which finished in the same place in their division as your team did the prior year. The Cold Coach = Victory postulate didn't hold up in Kansas City, where both coaches were kind of bundled up.

I'm actually thinking at this point that Romeo figured out, after being a total failure as head coach in Cleveland, exactly why he was such a pathetic one. And I don't think divisional wins matter for anything except determining who wins the division.
Strength of schedule is the first tie breaker, and it looks like the Colts are basically unbeatable there - at least, WRT the Rams and Vikes.
The next tie breakers are divisional record and then conference record, and then it goes to a coin toss. Edit: In general, it's generally the same sort of principle that dome teams aren't real, hardcore football teams, just to a much lesser degree.
This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. Each team plays each of the other three teams in its division twice - once at home and once on the road.

This rotates, so every division plays every other division in their conference once every three years.
This alternates also, so each division will play each other division in the other conference once every four years. Louis loses out, and Indy beats Jax next week (not that unlikely), anyone know who wins the tiebreaker for the #1 overall pick?
Two of these games are at home, and two are on the road, and that will be the opposite the next time the divisions meet. The only team that doesn't really belong there is the Lions, who play in a dome, which is a far greater transgression than having cheerleaders.

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