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Ask any guy in a tour group around campus what scenery they enjoy most when looking into colleges and they won’t name any buildings. Although located in the Northwest and not considered one of the sunniest places in the US, Oregon State University is known for having some of the most attractive girls in the country. Louisiana State University girls are as hot as the local Cajun cooking, enough to merit mentions by Maxim and Total Sports Pros. It takes more than a pretty face to be accepted into prestigious Howard University, but as it turns out, students there have those too. Texas is famous for everything being bigger, but the Texas A&M girls prove that Texas is also known for its natural beauty. Located in the middle of New York City, the Fashion Institution of Technology is known as one of the top fashion schools in the U.S. ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. Clearly they’re distracted by a different type of beauty, like the hottest dance team girl tanning outside on the quad. She got that one right, especially at the University of Southern California where the cheerleading squad itself is known for recruiting the hottest college girls.

But we had to give it to them – at University of California, Los Angeles, girls repeatedly get high ranks everywhere. Howard is a historically black college and not only graduated intellectuals like Nobel Prize-winning Toni Morrison and famous legal minds like former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, but also 13 different beauty queens and a Miss USA.
Ohio University educated beautiful women like Jen Schefft, The Bachelorette, season three, Stacey Offenberger, Miss Ohio 2006, and Laurie Lea Schaefer, Miss America 1972. Here at College Magazine we decided to save you the trouble of searching all over America and let you in on the top 10 colleges with the best views. It may be a cliché that all Cali girls are tanned, toned, blonde and drive to the beach in Jeeps, but with their track record, that tends to stand true for girls at Southern Cal. Because of the school's location near Hollywood, it attracts a ton of students looking to pursue a career in entertainment. The dance group and cheerleading squad are huge at Louisiana State, and their hard physical work pays off – female Tigers are no strangers to A+ rankings on college sites all over the web. Jamie Faith Edmondson, January 2010 Playmate of the month, is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. In January, the football program suffered a tough loss at the 2012 BCS championship to Alabama.

She is also a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and was named NFL Pro Bowl cheerleader in 2007. They have the sun and the sand, components that undoubtedly foster healthy lifestyles due to more outdoor-oriented activities.
Fortunately for these guys, the girls they came home to should help them get over it… Hey, you gotta choose your battles. Additionally, FAU also educated Mary Carey who was an active member of the school’s dance team.
Ultimately Carey’s sex appeal resulted in her current career as an adult entertainer and landed her a job on Playboy TV.

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