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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Find out about arts and culture events in Miami and offers you won't hear about anywhere else. Two different mug shots of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors,  from 1963 and 1970. Located on a beautiful campus about 10 miles north of downtown Miami, Barry University is well-regarded for the diversity of its student body.
Admissions at Barry University are somewhat selective, so be sure to show your best on the application. If you wish to live on campus at Barry University, apply as early as possible since residence halls there fill up very fast. You've been a great source of laughs throughout the year, but sometimes you're just too much for us.Every cray news story to blow up on the Internet seems to come from you.

In 1963 he was arrested in Tallahassee after pulling a prank while drunk at a Florida State University football game. Barry University have programs for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Rowing, Tennis and Volleyball.
With Jameis Winston and Florida State shittin' on 'em and unranked Georgia Southern slaying their entire mothereffing lives, two Florida players just had to go and embarrass the team further by blocking EACH OTHER during a game. In 1970 he was arrested indecent exposure and profanity after he exposed himself during a March 1969 concert in Miami. And while this shameful display is painful for those who bleed orange and blue, it provided a great laugh for the rest of us Internet trolls.
Sure, you're perceived as the herpes-infected dong of the United States, but to us, you are perfect. If it weren't for you, the rest of the world would have nothing to bring them the joy of schadenfreude.

So, in honor of your fabulous weirdness, we're paying homage to the ten biggest memes, gifs, and viral videos birthed by Florida in 2013.Thanks for the memories, Sunshine State.
Created by Floridian Joanna Rohrback, Prancercise joyfully galloped into our lives in 2013, forever changing how we looked at fitness. Now, sashaying your hips and trotting along like a majestic horse is the way to burn those pastelito-induced calories.

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