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We have solid relationships with many owner representatives throughout Florida in both commercial and residential projects and offer new construction, renovations, build outs, sustainable site development and ongoing building maintenance.
The Ohio State South Campus residence hall renovations may be complete, but there were bumps along the road and some residents are still not fully satisfied.
Ohio State’s $171 million South Campus High Rise Renovation and Addition Project concluded at the beginning of this semester when students moved into Smith-Steeb and Siebert residence halls for the first time since the renovations. The project came with unforeseen challenges, including a September 2012 water main break that displaced residents for three days less than one month after Park-Stradley Hall reopened for the start of the 2012-2013 school year as the first of three residence halls to open as part of the two-phase project, which began in 2010. Park, Stradley, Smith and Steeb halls were separate buildings prior to the project, but additions were added between Park and Stradley halls and between Smith and Steeb halls as part of the renovation process. The project was split into two phases: Park-Stradley’s reopening in 2012 and this year’s reopening of Smith-Steeb and Siebert.
Many Smith-Steeb residents said they are happy to live in a renovated hall on campus, and some said Smith-Steeb is nicer than the older dorms they have visited.
OSU representatives were not able to immediately comment on the state of the elevators late Thursday afternoon. Hwang said it’s good the dorms are fully air conditioned following the renovations, but said it can make the residence hall cold because the air conditioning runs throughout the day. Before the renovations were completed, incidents like the Park-Stradley water main break provided additional challenges and costs for OSU. Lindsay Komlanc, OSU spokeswoman for Administration and Planning, said the water main break did not impact construction on Smith-Steeb and Siebert because the water main already existed prior to the project, and because Smith-Steeb was “in a phase of construction where the building had largely been stripped of old equipment and amenities and new renovation work had not yet begun” at the time of the break. The water main break did not increase the budget or delay the construction of Smith-Steeb, Office of Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said. The exact costs of the Smith-Steeb construction versus Park-Stradley have not been determined, Komlanc and Isaacs said.
Komlanc said the project costs were not split between buildings, but “phased and bid in different packages that matched up different pieces” of the construction. One change made to Park-Stradley was the removal of the exterior doors to the bathrooms between the fall and spring semesters last year.
Komlanc said Smith-Steeb has exterior doors due to “fire code regulations,” but said the doors remain open at all times except when a fire alarm is set off. The doors were removed after multiple sex crimes were reported in Park-Stradley during Autumn Semester 2012.
As for changes made to Smith-Steeb, Komlanc said the renovations were “slightly different” than Park-Stradley. Isaacs said some changes were made to Smith-Steeb because of feedback received from Park-Stradley students, including the addition of video monitors to present residence hall news inside the lobbies of Smith-Steeb and Siebert.

Molly Ranz Calhoun, associate vice president for Student Life, said student input plays an “extremely important” role in changes and additions that are made to residence halls. Isaacs said the university has not collected much feedback from Smith-Steeb residents yet because they are still “getting comfortable in the building and figuring it all out,” but said their feedback will be considered as OSU begins its next housing project, the North Residential District Transformation. Major construction for the $370 million North Campus housing project is scheduled to begin in Spring 2014, according to a Student Life website.
We’ve been observing these hard working women perform their various cheers, dances and acrobatic maneuvers for four weeks now, and we’re ready to sort the pretenders from the contenders.
I don’t know if they just put the girls with the sexiest abs in the front row, or what, but this is one hell of a team photo. FSU is another school I expected to do pretty well on this list, given its reputation as one of the nation’s—nay, one of the world’s—top party schools.
The University of Southern California Song Girls are one of the nation’s legendary cheerleading squads.
I’m not sure these Texas Longhorns cheerleaders are hotter than their Big 12 counterparts from Missouri. Of all the big football schools in Texas, I wouldn’t have thought the Baylor Bears TCU horned Frogs would have the hottest cheerleaders. If you ask me, the Alabama Crimson Tide have the classiest looking hot cheerleaders in the country.
When the hell did a school with such stupid colors and garish football uniforms get such incredibly attractive cheerleaders? Komlanc said the water main break has cost the university “about $3 million,” but added that figure is not final.
The entire project fell under the umbrella of the $171 million budget, rather than being split up by residence hall, Komlanc said.
The project is scheduled for completion in Fall Semester 2016, coinciding with when the requirement for second-year students to live on campus will begin.
Pretty soon we’ll all be debating the merits and faults of the BCS with friends and coworkers like we do every year. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Total Pro Sports’ mid-season ranking of the hottest college football cheerleading squads in the land. They’re ranked pretty high (#16 in the AP after week 4) for a program that went 8-5 the last three seasons. It’s the purple shorts and the cute girls wearing them that have drawn my attention to this picture. Thank you, Louisiana State University, for admitting so many ridiculously fit women to your school and then putting them on your cheerleading squad.

If you told me a midwestern college was going to make this list, I would probably have guessed Iowa, or maybe Wisconsin.
Because when I saw this incredibly hot Texas Christian University cheerleader, my own jaw hit the damned desk. We have experience in multiple market sectors including government, military, theme park and entertainment venues, sports stadiums, schools (K-12 and higher education), offices, retail, healthcare and many others.
She said OSU is working to recover those costs through the university’s insurance carriers.
But before we get to the arguing, I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the one element of college football that everyone likes: the cheerleaders. But I guess they had to do something to get people to come out and watch the North Carolina Tar Heels play football. They’re still good enough to slide in at #9 on this list, but a decade ago they almost certainly would have been in the top three. Whenever I line about “Midwest farmers’ daughters” in the Beach Boys song, those are the states that comes to mind.
I guess after Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush left, there was just no reason to go to an academically inferior more expensive school. Still, they’ve got these two lovely young women who, if nothing else, know how to pose for a picture.
Of course, any cheerleading squad would be on this list with a girl that looks like this, don’t you think?
Maybe cross-town rival UCLA (#5) has been poaching hotties away from the USC board of admissions? So all the attractive California girls just headed West along the Santa Monica Freeway to Westwood. Then one day, all of a sudden, they’re a top program and their cheerleaders are absolutely legendary. Or maybe USC just aint what it used to be since Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush left for the NFL. Yes, the super skimpy outfits help, but like the Sun Devils, the Ducks cheerleaders are so hot they would look good no matter what.

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