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MIssionTo provide the most up to date news, images, and opinions on today's top sneaker company. Nearly two years ago, Florida State University approached Nike for assistance to reevaluate the marks of its various athletics programs.
FSU says its first directive was to create a more consistent usage of its primary colour, garnet, within its uniforms, sideline gear, coaching gear and also fan apparel. The university also felt its Seminole Head logo did not reproduce well in a number of mediums, and therefore asked Nike for help in refining the design so that consistency could be achieved without diminishing the identity of the original image. FSU says the refined Seminole Head logo has been approved by Seminole Tribe of Florida Chairman James Billie. While the Seminole logo is the primary representation of the brand and is used as the main identifying device for Florida State Athletics, a secondary identity in the form of the revised Seminole Spear also plays an increased role in the new brand hierarchy, primarily for application on uniforms and helmets.
In commissioning the creative changes, Florida State welcomed Nike’s concept of making the uniforms more symbolic of its relationship with the Seminole Tribe while maintaining its traditional look. In addition, a custom font called UNCONQUERED was created as well as uniform insignias and numbers that have been adopted across all sports.
Nike says the Seminoles script was designed as a nod to the heritage of the sports of baseball and softball at Florida State.
If you're a designer wanting to submit your work, click on the ‘SUBMIT YOUR WORK' tab above. PORTLAND – Elementary school maps of the United States that depict each state by its major product — cars for Michigan, corn for Kansas, coal for West Virginia — might reasonably show Nike’s swoosh symbol for Oregon. On the other, that bill — now law — is suddenly, quietly generating serious constitutional questions. Whitsett and other critics were clearly in the minority. The House passed the bill 50 to 5 and the Senate 22 to 6 in a rushed special session called by the governor.

Nike officials said they were most interested in keeping Oregon’s Single Sales Factor tax, which means corporations that do business outside the state pay only corporate income taxes on sales transactions inside Oregon. Whitsett said part of his reason for voting against the bill was the potential of constitutional challenges. Proponents of the new law and the governor say this does not keep them from expanding tax certainty to other businesses in the 2013 legislature, and that a large Nike expansion that will bring serious jobs and investment was worth the rushed session. Opposition to the legislation came from both sides of the aisle with four Democrats and one Republican voting against it in the House. She said increasing competition to offer subsidies between states causes an uneven playing field for small businesses. James Huffman, dean emeritus of Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, said if the new law binds future legislatures from being able to change the tax code, that would be a violation of the law. Huffman said the new law could also violate the constitutional provision requiring uniform and equitable taxation. Thatcher said on the constitutional issues, she doesn’t know if small businesses – the ones missing out – would have the wherewithal to sue. Don’t miss our newsGet the latest on government waste, fraud, and abuse - directly in your inbox. Support Gator basketball with the Black Nike Florida Gators #1 Replica Elite Basketball Jersey. Sports Black Gator Jersey, Gator basketball apparel, Gator Basketball jersey, NCAA Basketball Apparel, Nike Apparel, Nike Jersey.
The uniform draws heavy inspiration from the Gator mascot, featuring a scale pattern on the gloves, helmet, base layer and numbers. FSU expressed the desire to return to a garnet red that would be as consistent as possible across all sports and all materials.

The Seminole patchwork on the football jersey sleeves contain the Tribe’s symbols for Arrow, Man on Horse, and Fire with the helmet spears crossing in the back representative of the crossed bars of the state flag. The wordmarks work closely in support of the primary identity and are derived from the primary typography.
But there is criticism, much of it focused on the fact that the new law allows the governor to enter into tax-certainty agreements with companies creating 500 or more jobs and making a $150 million capital investment — and whether the governor can unilaterally change the tax code. The new law ensures the corporate tax structure doesn’t change for the global company in exchange for its promise to expand in Oregon.
He had heartburn over the rushed special session, which the governor called for on Monday and took place on Friday. He says the risks for the state are higher with this potential legal challenge because a small business or someone else with standing could seek damages. But she expects to see legislation introduced next session looking at tax certainty for all business. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. Check out looks at every aspect of the uniform under the cut, and to read a little more about the 2010 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms, click here. Our primary goal is to showcase identity design from around the world; we want to give designers the opportunity to share and publicise their creative work online. We want to see iterative sketches, including discarded preliminary and prefinal designs, wherever possible.

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