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This is historical material, "frozen in time." The web site is no longer updated and links to external web sites and some internal pages will not work.
The 2013 National Champion UCLA Bruins baseball team will begin the 2014 campaign with a three-game series at home against Portland from February 14-16 at Jackie Robinson Stadium.
The defending champions will receive no reprieve going forward, as the Bruins will take on a challenging season against the likes of fellow PAC-12 conference powerhouses Arizona State and Oregon State for a pair of three-game series. Not only will the Bruins have to face worthy competition within their own conference, but they will also square off against non-conference teams that rank amongst the best in the country such as Cal State Fullerton, Cal Poly, and NC State.
Head coach John Savage took the art of small ball to a new level heading into the 2013 season, constructing a program that would excel not only come time the postseason rolled around, but also on a broader scale with the changing era that college baseball has entered – an era contingent upon defense, pitching, and smart offense. We witnessed the likes of Oregon State and South Carolina win back-to-back national championships (the Beavers in 2006 and 2007, followed by the Gamecocks in 2010 and 2011) through the employment of similar small ball tactics, as both teams brought superb starting pitching and great defense to the table in their respective championship runs.
Josh is currently a student at the University of Florida pursuing a Master of Science degree in Sport Management. Josh is a member of the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association, giving him official votes in the Dick Howser Trophy, Regional Players of the Year, and NCBWA All-America voting.
Josh’s knowledge of the game of baseball ranges from the post-Civil War baseball boom to the current modern era, covering topics such as business and politics of the game to the minor leagues to negro league baseball and even international expansion. Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Japan—A young woman rides an escalator through the kaleidoscopic entrance to the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku mall in Tokyo. Indonesia—At a slaughterhouse in Kertasura dead snakes are rolled up before being sold for food or traditional medicine. United States—Lightning strikes in Grand Canyon National Park about 26,000 times each year.
England—Dozens of muddy men clamber across ropes during the annual Tough Guy competition in Perton. Australia—Felled by a power line and dead of a broken neck, an Australian pelican becomes an unlikely still life in Brisbane.
Canada—On a gravel beach along the Bay of Fundy, two semipalmated sandpipers take off as hundreds more flock together. Canada—Two miles off the western coast of the Hudson Bay and just south of the Arctic Circle, a polar bear comes in for a close-up. Bahrain—In the village of Sanabis, a suburb of the capital, Manama, two Shiite girls take part in an Ashura ceremony.
Emirate of Abu Dhabi—As the sun sets on the Liwa region, local tribesmen lead their camels to a grazing area in neighboring Saudi Arabia. England—In the village of Box, George Purser, 77, waters geraniums on a century-old portable steam boiler. Cyprus—When Mediterranean mantises are startled, they wave their forelimbs and raise their wings to reveal vivid eyespot markings.
Russia—Snared by a brown bear, a sockeye salmon spills a string of orange roe into Kuril Lake. Papua New Guinea—In Milne Bay schools of fish swirl around the coral-encrusted piles of a crumbling wharf.
Germany—The head of a trapped red squirrel pokes through a manhole cover in Isernhagen. Poland—On their way to harvest grain in Policzna, a woman and her grandson share a horse-drawn cart with a horse-headed volunteer promoting a traveling festival.
United States—A hundred miles off the southern California coast, near the Cortes Bank, a curious harbor seal peers through a kelp forest. Brazil—Dozens of bioluminescent mushrooms sprout on a dead log, green stems glowing in the light of a full moon.
Bosnia and Herzegovina—In Mostar a competitive diver holds torches as he jumps from the Old Bridge into the Neretva River. Russia—Lit by a torch, an ice cave in a Kamchatka glacier glows like an entrance to the underworld. United States—Joining hands in a heads-first free fall to form a human snowflake, 138 skydivers set a world record at Skydive Chicago in August 2012.

United Kingdom—Heather fires smoke during a controlled burn in West Burrafirth in Shetland. South Africa—Through the dust of a dry riverbed in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, an African white-backed vulture advances on an antelope carcass. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism.
Aside from the semifinals being played on New Year’s Eve, the College Football Playoff has worked.
Year 1 featured Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Oregon, and then Year 2 put together ‘Bama, Clemson, Michigan State and Oklahoma. Based on what we’ve seen from the preseason polls, most of the early contenders for the CFP in 2016 have been once before. Through two iterations of the Final Four model, no league has managed to crash the college football party with multiple teams.
Here are the four I’m projecting to make it to the College Football Playoff and compete for a ring. The Tide were the only team to make it to the CFP in Years 1 and 2, and three in a row is possible. Unless all hell breaks loose this season and the two division winners both lose multiple games, the SEC champion will head to the Final Four. More than any other conference in America, the SEC can feel comfortable knowing that its best team won’t have to go undefeated in order to play for a national championship. As is usually the case, coach Nick Saban (above) has to replace his fair share of NFL talent on both sides of the ball — including at quarterback.
With four national titles in seven years and another near miss or two, UA is a full-on juggernaut. The Seminoles have a question mark under center, but they have definitive answers everywhere else.
Due to incumbent senior Sean Maguire’s injury during fall camp, redshirt freshman Deondre Francois won the QB battle by default.
From the line to the skill positions, every single offensive contributor from 2015 returns — most important, transcendent tailback Dalvin Cook. The loss of Kevin Hogan at quarterback is manageable considering the fact that do-it-all super back Christian McCaffrey remains in Palo Alto. If not for a stunning Week 1 loss on the road at Northwestern last year, Stanford may have made the College Football Playoff. Even with a loss, provided it comes earlier in the season, Shaw can make a good case for inclusion. One of the most underappreciated programs in the land, the Spartans are fresh off a run to the CFP. Clemson: The Tigers made it to the national championship game in 2015 and still have Heisman contender Deshaun Watson at QB. Oklahoma: Outside the conference, the Sooners play frisky Houston and loaded Ohio State before the calendar flips to October. John Crist is the senior writer for Saturday Down South, a member of the FWAA and a voter for the Heisman Trophy. Alabama wasn’t able to put them away for the NC so for ONCE Clemson deserves the preseason hype. So moving from 6 losses a season to 4 losses a season is enough to validate the ‘ascent’ of Tennessee?
People picking tennessee to win the east has more to do with Tennessee having the most complete roster in the division and also getting their top two rivals at home. Clemson runs the table, 1 loss SECW champ or Tenn, TCU makes it with a loss to Arky, and 1 loss Ohio st. The Bruins could very well fall in line behind both Oregon State and South Carolina as a repeat champion that employed similar tactics. He’s an avid fan and scholar of the game, who although has a place in his heart for his Gators, is as objective as they come. Behind her, mirrors reflect the images of shoppers in one of the city’s most fashionable districts.

Villagers hunt the reptiles to supplement their income—and feed the billion-dollar global snake trade. Thirty-five couples in Mumbai participated in the ceremony, which was arranged by a Muslim social organization to cut costs for poor families.
To turn tragedy into tableau, the photographer made this image using a flashlight and a long exposure—then buried the bird in her garden.
These six-inch-long shorebirds migrate thousands of miles a year from Arctic breeding grounds to South American coasts. The annual holiday commemorates the seventh-century martyrdom of Husayn, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. These shifting sands create huge crescent-shaped dunes, which move slowly and can reach 500 feet high. These two adult females, each less than three inches long, were spotted in an alfalfa field near Nicosia. The professional highliner was traversing two cliffs above Rio de Janerio when a coastal front blew in, hiding the half-mile-high summit in mist.
Around a million of these fish swim from the Pacific Ocean to the Kamchatka Peninsula each summer to spawn—a book to bears fattening up for winter hibernation. Police freed the rodent by gently pushing back its ears and drizzling olive oil on its neck.
Nearly three years old at the time of her mother’s ceremony, Anne was deemed too young to attend.
The 78-foot-tall limestone span—completed in 1566, destroyed by war in 1993, reopened in 2004—is a World Heritage site.
Strategically placed air hoses allow the mermaids to take in lungfuls of air, then perform unencumbered by scuba tanks. This form of management, known as muirburn, clears old brush to improve both grazing conditions and wildlife habitat. The Tide, Seminoles, Buckeyes, Tigers and Sooners are comfortably in the Top 10, while Michigan State is just a few spots below. The Crimson Tide only get four true road games in 2016, but at Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee and LSU is a gauntlet.
Defensively, the pass rush is deep with talent and the secondary is commanded by safety Derwin James.
The ‘Noles have four non-conference games, and two are against Ole Miss and rival Florida. In addition to his eight rushing touchdowns a season ago, he caught five, threw two and also scored one each as a punt and kick returner.
The passing game has been an important part of the offense’s success under Mark Dantonio. The love-him-or-hate-him personalities Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Jim Harbaugh at Michigan project are tough to ignore.
Even if they lose to Florida State, they’ll likely win the rest and be in the conversation. Whether he was planning satellite camps on Saturn or trolling his detractors on Twitter, he’s either crazy, genius or both.
With no Big 12 title game for another year, it’s hard for a one-loss team to get chosen. If Clemson loses to Florida State and Florida State wins out, that means no ACC CG for Clemson. Despite losing both Adam Plutko and Nick Vander Tuig to professional ball, the Bruins still boast a talented young pitching staff and a crafty lineup that should be bolstered by one of the stronger recruiting classes in the nation. Oh and Pac-12 make a record bowl games by mathematically giving everyone 2 or more losses in the conference. I would be content with 10-2 and making it to SECCG, but if we win SECCG, better win it all.

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