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All season long we have watched Rashad Greene break records at Florida State and we all talk about how disappointed we are that we have to watch him leave soon. As you would expect, Rudolph is currently doing all that he can to make sure that he comes as close to being Rashad as he possibly can be.
With 32 catches for 459 yards as a true freshman with three scores, he’s off to a pretty good start in that regard. We’re just about 24 hours away now from the Florida State Seminoles looking to clinch their third consecutive ACC football championship with a win over Georgia Tech. Coming into this one there are a lot of people that feel as if Georgia Tech could indeed pull off the upset. Thankfully, the odds makers don’t hang out with the College Football Playoff committee. That over-under looks a little tempting, especially considering each team’s penchant for scoring spurts as well as their ineptness on defense at times. Saturday night the Florida State Seminoles will look to get one more win, a win that will secure their spot in the College Football Playoff. Georgia Tech comes into this one with a record of 10-2 on the season and they’re coming in with a lot of momentum, having taken care of Georgia out of the SEC East last week. But, Florida State, the defending national champions, have a serious point to prove in this one and defeating the No. While I don't have any interest in seeing Justin Beiber's absurd biopic (IN 3D!!), the film below would undoubtedly pique my interest. At long last, someone has finally brought together all the major nonsense in the world and structured it into a form that makes it LOOK like science! Ohio congresswoman Jean Schmidt raised a bit of controversy for explaining abortion is to a bunch of six to twelve year olds at a Catholic school. NPR discovers that Arizona’s controversial immigration law was written by private corporations who make their profits detaining illegal immigrants.
Speaking of Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer’s apparently a drunk who likes to crash into people.

People in the military don’t seem to have nearly the problem with gays serving their country as members of the Republican caucus do. Halliburton is confident cement that failed and led to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was sturdy and did its job, in spite of what the government found.
They show Dino Rossi trailing Patty Murray 51% to 45%, with 4% undecided and a margin of error of 4.3% among likely voters. They didn't poll for individual Congressional races in the state, but they did present the generic ballot, which had 47% of likely voters choosing the generic Democratic candidate, 44% choosing the generic Republic, and 9% being undecided.
I-1100 is looking a little more hopeful among likely voters, with 49% saying yes, 47% saying no, with just 1% undecided. And strangely, 50% of respondents oppose the "Ground Zero Mosque," with only 41% approving?! Equally disturbing is that nearly 70% of respondents believe that the statewide initiative elections are a good thing for the state.
Also, illegal immigrants are trying to steal Washington State’s election for the Democrats.
And here is another fascinating, though somewhat dry, read into why robopolls have have a tendency to favor Republicans. In honor of Halloween and the upcoming debut of The Walking Dead series, I figure this would be a great time to repost this funny (but sad) video of a Japanese family torturing their children by making them believe they are being attacked by zombies. Perhaps someone took Rove literally, as The Washington Post reports that someone did their part to fight the War on Terror and delivered a bomb threat to NPR on Monday.
Judson Phillips, the head of the Tea Party Nation, wants to kick those nasty Muslims out of Congress.
Are you a right-hander who finds life to be too convenient?  Pop by the National Academy of Science and they can muck about with your brain for a bit and make you a lefty. At the same time, though, we have watched the emergence of freshman Travis Rudolph at the position, as he gets set to eventually leave his own legacy at Florida State over the next few seasons. With that being said, it would be a not so much of a shock if Georgia Tech were actually favored by Las Vegas in this one.

It seems with each passing week this Georgia Tech team just gets better and better, and we all know what can happen when Paul Johnson gets his running game going. Boeing Business California Canada China Coal Donald Trump Economy European Union Federal Reserve System Finance Ford Motor Company General Motors Gold IBM Inc. We have become, instead, a nation whose politicians seem to compete over who can show the least vision, the least concern about the future and the greatest willingness to pander to short-term, narrow-minded selfishness.
People have been looking for a good win out of this team, and a win over the Jackets would be just that.
Insurance International Monetary Fund Investment Iran Janet Yellen Japan Japanese yen Michigan Mining Mortgage loan NASDAQ New York New York City Nuclear power NYSE Petroleum Pound sterling Target Corporation Tesla Motors Uber United Kingdom United Kingdom European Union membership referendum United States United States Dollar United States of America Yahoo! Bush or a right-wing militia member blowing up a federal building, whether it’s two black guys in berets standing outside a polling station or a hundred years of Jim Crow laws. With the support of her family, she refused to do so, rejecting the notion that she had anything to be ashamed of.
Secondly, school officials kicked her off the cheerleading squad for refusing to cheer for Bolton. She simply refused to shout the first name of the man who assaulted her when he stood up alone to make free throws.
It seems like she was being more than accommodating, when an student athlete facing trial on rape charges most likely should have been suspended from the team, even if his presence wasn't a source of immediate distress to his victim in her position as cheerleader. In a display of extreme disrespect for a rape survivor and disregard for her well-being, school officials insisted that H.S.

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