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With more than 150,000 students attending its eight campuses across the Miami area, Miami Dade College is by far the largest institution of higher education in Florida.
Follow this link to begin the application process at Florida State College at Jacksonville. About three quarters of the students at Miami Dade College transfer directly into a higher degree program immediately after obtaining A.A.
Miami Dade College enrolls and graduates more minorities than any other college or university in the country. The Raise Florida HBCU and Higher Education Network is dedicated to supporting the community through collaborative strategies designed to build sustainable resources for research and innovative practices that enhance the work of our coalition partners, and advance the policy agenda of RFN and SRABC. Through the collaborative partnerships with HBCUs, other colleges and universities, talent and resources can be leveraged to build a stronger network. Join UsIf you want to be a part of something GREAT, join us as we work to develop policy proposals at the local, state and Federal level. Sure, Jacksonville University football doesn’t pull in the big bucks of the University of Florida Gators. That also explains why, in January, University of North Florida President John Delaney floated the idea of a football program on his own campus.
Although the odds are long that UNF adds football, at least for now — it’s “a 90 percent chance that it’s a ‘no,’ ” Delaney said — the results of adding or returning football to two of the First Coast’s other colleges are tangible. JU announced plans in December for an overhaul of its stadium, a $4.5 million first phase that would include new stands to hold about 4,500 fans for football, track events and lacrosse. JU has had football on campus only since 1998, but new Athletic Director Brad Edwards said the economic windfall is felt in different ways from the bigger schools.
Edwards said the JU student population of about 3,700 students is 50 percent larger than before the football program was added. There are no athletic scholarships for football players at the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision program, and Edwards declined to provide its annual cost. But the state of the current JU stadium, which has benches embedded in a grass-covered hill for the home fans, is a source of consternation. At Edward Waters College, the football team plays a more important role for the student population. EWC Vice President of Business and Finance Randolph Mitchell said the college spends about $750,000 each year on the football program that was brought back to campus in 2001 after a 34-year hiatus.

EWC Athletic Director Johnny Rembert said having a football team isn’t just about playing a game.
EWC Assistant Athletic Director Stanley Cromartie was a student at the college when football was absent.
For smaller colleges with football programs, tapping into alumni pride can be the most valuable asset on top of providing events for current students, said Raymond Sauer, president of the North American Association of Sports Economists and a professor at Clemson. JU President Tim Cost, who just took office this year, said football is integral to the university’s fabric that touts academic excellence. He added UNF’s current student population of about 16,500 would have to grow closer to 25,000.
Still, Delaney said two other Florida public colleges — the University of South Florida in Tampa and the University of Central Florida outside Orlando — have turned once-small-time football programs into legitimate powers on the NCAA Bowl Championship Series level. PREVHe may be confined, but still gets the most out of lifeNEXTAround the Region, Sunday, Feb. The cost of using Everbank Field [just the enormous size dictates it to be in the high-rent district] would not justify the expense. Also, playing off campus detracts from the purpose of having home games at the University [like homecoming, prospective student visits and future functions like graduation ceremonies]. Besides, the Jaguars would not like their stadium grass torn up on Saturday 24 hours before kickoff. Please join State Representative Janet Adkins, and a panel of leading experts in the fields of education and dyslexia, for an EDUCATION SOLUTIONS SUMMIT to discuss and review the need for legislative changes to the Florida’s statutes which relate to struggling readers and those with dyslexia. State Representative Janet Adkins as Chair of the Florida House of Representatives K12 Education Committee is drafting legislation for the 2016 session to address the need for policy framework that will address the needs of those that struggle with reading and persons with dyslexia. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment below or subscribe to the feed to have future articles delivered to your e-mail and get the latest Amelia Island News, business, tourist activities and videos every morning!
Miami Dade College does not pursue quantity at the expense of quality, however, as it provides a first class education. The HBCU and Higher Education network seeks to develop a policy research process that engages and encourages students to lift their voices around asset building.  By bridging the HBCUs and other higher education network to create a comprehensive strategy in accomplishing and establishing best practices. But the two schools say the hidden financial impact is huge from football programs on their campuses.
A former National Football League player, he was key in the initial design of the new stadium and associated training facility that is set to be built next to it.

He acknowledged that isn’t all attributable to football, but just adding the athletes for the team brings in an additional 100 or more students to the campus each year who pay part of the $30,000 in annual tuition.
Edwards’ right hand bearing the Super Bowl XXVI ring clenched into a fist when asked about the current stadium. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics program brings in about 150 students to play each year at the school with a student population of about 925. In the fall of 1999, EWC had 814 students and in the fall of 2001 when football was reintroduced, the enrollment jumped to 1,320.
He said since football was added, the entire atmosphere has changed on campus during the fall. He said that would mean no scholarships in order to avoid any conflicts with the NCAA’s Title IX stipulation, which requires equal scholarships for female athletes. Chair Adkins will be taking public testimony at this meeting and will be working with the panel to help identify how state policy should be shaped and what should be included. Nevertheless, students have the option of obtaining some bachelor’s degrees entirely at Miami Dade College, including bachelor of science degrees in education and nursing and a bachelor of applied science in criminal justice.
Most of the EWC football players, like those at JU, do not get scholarships and pay the annual $18,000 in room, board and tuition. Augustine’s historic district can’t expand any more, so adding football doesn’t make sense. Also, sponsorships and other revenues would have to pay for the estimated $8 million in start-up costs that Delaney said won’t come from the university’s athletic fund, which gets no money from tuition revenue.
Do not miss this important opportunity to help shape state policy for those that struggle with reading and dyslexia in Florida.
I am committed to working with the teachers, parents, experts and state agencies on looking at crafting legislation that will strengthen Florida’s focus on struggling readers and dyslexia. But many of the football players get what’s called grant-in-aid, which is a financial credit to help defray the tuition costs.

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