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This fight gets of to a fast start as the bull will immediately go into defense mode when encountered with the grizzly bear. In closer to the bull, the bear raises up and attempts to give the cow a crushing blow to the head. So, this 11 year old kid killed 6 bulls in a single fight, are you are telling me that a Grizzley bear couldn't take on one of these cows?
Since the type of bear chosen for this duel is a grizzly - with the Kodiak and Siberian coast varieties considered the largest of the species - the outcome would be heavily tilted in the bull's favor. To correct the first line in the previous post: I meant to write the outcome would be tilted in the bear's favor, not the bull's. Bear would grab the bulls tail and sling the bull around, around, and around until both are so dizzy they each get sick and pass-out. I read an account of a bull that fought a bull and a bear on the same day and killed both of them.
Yea so a bear is big and is a carnivore but did you see the size of those horns the bull has!! If a bull attacks a bear from behind and in his head he has some chances but face to face bull will die. Any one who has been around a bull would understand how fast and how heavy the can get, I agree. In Old California, when the Spanish owned California, they had regular bull vs bear fights.
It depends on demand Toby Ross,The more the demands the higher the chance it will be put as new topic. In areas were Brown Bears and Asian Gaur overlap, no bear has ever deared to fight this monster. It doesn't matter if the bull is a Mexican fighting bull, a bison, a water buffalo, a Cape buffalo, or a gaur Zack. Our Packers Toddler Chilly Day Hat is sure to keep your little fan warm and comfortable while he's cheering on his favorite team!
Each animal would charge directly at each other, with the bull getting the best of the head on collision. However, as the bear stands tall it is left vulnerable to the quick charging bull who crashes into the bear's chest stabbing it with its horns.
Mature bovine bulls generally weigh 1500-2000lbs, considerably more than the Kodiak, which tips the scales anywhere from 650-1100lbs with 750-800 a conservative average. I've seen these majestic guys in the wild, and its awe-inspiring to witness the power of these maulers!
The bear really would have less to fear from the bull's horns and more to fear from its kicks.
This is a big bunch of bullshit and I say we try and ban it!It's the horses that get murdered when it should be the fighter!!!!!! I totally understand the argument for the bull, but the bull only has one shot at the bear and he has no margin for error. Yeah, I'll take a grizzly over a lion or tiger anyday of the week, but next against these other two animals.
Large voracious carnavore(griz) vs all you can eat buffet(Bull)I say bear wins and dosent leave hungry!
Before so-called civilized people went out west and destroyed the natural world there, there were huge herds of bison. However in this fight the bear probably wins, even though its smaller, weaker and slower it has deadly jaws and powerfull swipes which could ruin the bull.

Just one kick from a bull is very deadly, never mind their 3 plus foot horns and it's massive skull.
Unlike the tiger vs gaur or lion vs cape buffalo, the grizzly has never been known to lose.
That is because the bears lack on fighting ability and it's prefered killing technique is useless there. The knit hat features official team colors, an official Green Bay Packers embroidered applique, and a fluffy pom pom to top it off. Dress your little Packers sweetheart in this darling Onesie dress with attached tulle tutu and shell be twirling in no time!
The pacifier's orthodontic design encourages healthy oral development and features a soft, clear and durable silicone nipple.
El Toro Bravo, as it is known in Spanish Bull Fighting, can weigh close to a ton and can reach a top speed of 40 mph. While the bull's strength, speed and deadly accuracy with its horns is not in question, the bear's versatility, neck muscles, and powerful swipes (used to deliver blows to the head and back of ungulate animals, such as the elk) give it a incomparable advantage over its enemy.
And, by the way, retards who can't even spell or punctuate properly, a Brown Bear would probably not just stand in the way of a charging horned animal. We are pitting 2 full grown adult animals against eachother, and both are pissed off and willing to fight. However, if the bear somehow manages to escape, it bites the bull's neck and it's all over. While naked humans were eating nuts and berries and hunting lizards and mice, grizzly were killing bison and moose. A grizzly bear doesn't have additional fast twitch muscle fibres, meaning they cannot leap on the gaur and bite it's neck. Now you tell me that a Boar grizzly, twice the females size would take down an animal 5 times larger than a caribou. But again, the grizzly doesn't have the additional fast twitch muscle fibres to leap on the gaur's back. Featuring a screen-printed Green Bay Packers logo on a heart covered background, this tutu dress is just loaded with sweet style.
The grizzly is able to get up and try to mount another attack but it is tired and wounded from being pounded on by the bull.
Polar bears, which are only slightly larger than brown bears, can drag a 4000lb Walrus across an ice shelf after killing it (no mean feat, given the walrus's well-known ability to kill polars underwater).
However, I have observed Coastal Browns & Grizzlies, on mainland Alaska and Kodiak Bears on Kodiak Island. The bear is going to butcher that bull into enough steaks, chops, and loins to feed everyone at Peter Luger's. I know this has nothing to do with this but if you think a Black Rhino and Hippo would be a good fight please sudjest it so he will make it.
And again you are overestimating the strenght of a bear, A paw swipe from a A Grizzly wil do no damage to the Armour-plated skull of a gaur. Against an animal this well-suited for melee fighting, a bovine has a genuinely low chance of success. A bear rarely gets on it's hind legs until it reaches close proximities, and even so, it's rarely used in combat, its more or less to scare its opponents or show supremacy(if the bear manages to get to close proximities, and on its hind legs alive, it could without doubt kill the bull).
But when an enraged or a pissed off bull comes charging at the bear with full force, the bear doesnt stand a chance. The horns are not always an advantage, because unless the bear is gored in a vital organ, it can still take quite alot of punishment. And compared to all brown bears it atleast eats meat, and is not that fat and more muscular!

Along with the wolves, the grizzly kept the bison population down to a natural number of millions. A Siberian Tiger, on the other hand, is equally well suited for fighting, and many routinely fight and kill adult brown bears in the Amur region their populations occupy. The grizzlies used to be chained on one foot and had to wait for the bull that came charging.
They did not shatter the bulls' skulls, but rather, used both paws to drive the horns into the ground which often snapped the neck of the bulls. The bull has allot of muscle in the neck, but a grizzly has even more (check if u dont believe me) + its got usable arms to transfer that power to. Grizzlies have larger bone density and are at least twice as strong in the front quarters than lions and tigers. I saw these bulls in Spain in a training camp in Toledo, they trainers trained some of these bulls by "painting red thick wooden(I mean like 6 inches of pure pine wood) boards to measure the strength of the bulls charge! From then on, the bull is known to continuously buck its target out of control, and would likely do so. Not to mention that on every end of these arms are fearsome daggers that cut trough bone and flesh like butter.
But, along with this bull-like build, the grizzly has all of the fighting and killing instincts of a true predator. Some bulls thrashed the boards, like paper and sometimes the bulls horns got stuck inside the board, lol.
It has INCREDIBLY powerful neck muscles, definitely enough to toss a bear around and severely impale it. Bulls' neck are made entirely of muscle, therefore a charge could probably break many bones in the bear, leaving it weak. Even if the bear hit the bull with his formidable claws, at 45 mph the bulls mass power would hit the bear dead on with two horns which could harm the Bears leg or Stomach. This one is part of american documented history and they have other sources as newpapers from that time that also wrote the same stories about how easily the Grizzly won against male Lions. If a bull got the bear on the ground, it would without a doubt, keep attacking it and goring it until it died.
I think that people here have the misconception that all bulls are the same, well folks I was raised in a farm in texas, and seen a Spanish killer bull charging is something spectacular.
If the bear manages to slam its paw at any time of the early phases of the battle though, it's definitely on the bear's side.
Lets not forget that grizzlys can run even faster than any bull, and for their size they are allot more agile then a bull aswell. It would try and get to the side of the bull, using its powerfull arms to throw the bull off balance.
But dont take my word for it.Early californians pitted spanish bulls against californian grizzlys all the time.
The bears would alsmost always win, even when chained to the arena or even to the bull itself. Anyway, nowadays grizzlys arent as big as the ones that roamed the western US back then, but still, i think that it wouldnt be much of a contest.

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