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That’s what Franklin, the player who talked about becoming the mayor of Green Bay, has accumulated over the first two preseason games. Consider his decision not to field a punt in last Saturday night’s preseason game at St.
Many considered running back to be one of the deepest position on the team, but without projected starter DuJuan Harris in the mix yet, things are looking pretty thin.

Yes, there’s still two weeks of training camp left, but how the Packers proceed over the next couple of weeks will be interesting. He was projected to wow the coaches, the fans, the scouts and anyone else who had skin in the game. Watching him run between the tackles is as painful as it must be on him when he gets tackled. He could climb out of his deficit with solid performances in the final two preseason games.

He has been tried at kick and punt returns, but his indecision and inability to consistently field the ball has put him behind the eight ball in that category.

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