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This is Part 2 of Lance Zierlein's Assessment of the Top Three Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft. There can be no denying that Manziel is at the top of the toughness list amongst QBs in this year’s draft. It is worth noting that Manziel was the best of the three QBs with a completion percentage of 70.1% in the 4th quarter. I’ve heard questions about whether or not Manziel can beat a team from the pocket and to do that, he has to prove that he is accurate. This is one of the areas that some evaluators believe Manziel could struggle with on the next level. Of Manziel’s 37 TD passes this year, only 10 came from behind the line of scrimmage to five yards down the field - the classic dump and dash that we see in college. The tape shows that Manziel has the ability to make throws against Cover-2 defenses and down the sideline on vertical routes. Manziel’s highly competitive nature was apparent in wins and losses, in the first quarter through the fourth quarter and against losing teams and SEC powerhouses.
After pouring over the data, it looks as though Manziel doesn’t display strong tendencies that defensive coordinators will be able to attack. Like Liam Neeson, Johnny Manziel has a very particular set of skills and they will be best served by a new school offensive mind who is willing to break from NFL convention (much like Jim  Harbaugh did with Colin Kaepernick) and create an offense designed around Manziel. Former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel appeared in a Dallas courtroom Thursday, a day after posting bond in his domestic violence case. Judge Roberto Canas ordered the currently unemployed football star to have no contact with his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, whether in person, by phone or through social media. Next Canas, who mainly handles family violence cases, asked Manziel whether he owns any guns or lives somewhere where there are guns, another prohibition of his bond terms. The entire hearing lasted less than five minutes, and then the judge moved on to the other 17 defendants on his morning docket. In recent weeks, he has been seen partying at Coachella and attended a Justin Bieber concert on the day of his indictment. Another Manziel attorney, Bob Hinton, declined to say what he had advised his client about all the partying. As Manziel left the courthouse, he blew a kiss to his sister Meri before his car pulled away from the building. Manziel turned himself in and posted $1,500 bond in Highland Park on Wednesday on a misdemeanor charge connected to an alleged assault on his ex-girlfriend. Rachael Rustman, a 2009 graduate of Texas A&M, stood outside the courtroom wearing a Free Manziel T-shirt with a picture of his face. He was shirtless in a previous mugshot when he was arrested in college after fighting and having a fake ID. Crowley, 23, accused him of kidnapping, hitting and threatening to kill her in January at Hotel ZaZa in Uptown Dallas during a fight over another woman.

She told police that Manziel had invited her to his hotel room to talk that night and that he slapped her on the head, rupturing her eardrum and causing her to lose her hearing. Dallas police referred a misdemeanor domestic violence assault to a grand jury instead of arresting Manziel. Crowley sought and was granted a protective order that prohibits Manziel from seeing her for two years and orders him to stay at least 500 feet from her home and work.
Manziel — who had a reputation for partying and drinking when he entered the NFL — was cut by the Browns, dropped by two agents and lost his Nike endorsement deal after the assault allegations became public. Criminal justice reporters, editors and invited guests provide news and analysis impacting Dallas-area police, courts, fire and other public safety issues and entities. This past week’s performance was his lowest yardage output in a game where he through at least 30 passes since his first career start against Florida in 2012. Looking beyond just the basic stats, Manziel lead a passing game that was consistently out of sync against the physical LSU secondary that wins with active man coverage downfield and a willingness to engage and battle with receivers down field. Despite ample protection provided by two eventual Top 10 offensive tackles (Jake Matthews and Cedric Ogbuehi), Manziel wasn’t able to muster up consistent drives by hitting receivers on mid-field routes or having success when forced to make plays with his arm outside the pocket. On the last meaningful drive for the Aggies, Manziel finished with arguably his worst decision of the night.
Instead, Manziel stares down his most inside receiver, throws a late pass across the middle, right where the lone-safety is waiting for the pass. This is just one game in the grand scheme of Manziel’s performance as a college quarterback. The Broncos do need another quarterback, and while they have reportedly reached out to Johnny Football, it doesn’t sound like the interest is that serious.
Our NFL insider explains how Manziel's off-field decision may have affected who starts on the field.
Jay Glazer tells us why the Browns went with Brian Hoyer as their starter over Johnny Football. The merits of either Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel starting at quarterback for the Browns have been talked about ad nauseam.
Hoyer is a game manager, and Manziel brings a dynamic aspect that Cleveland’s offense is missing. FOX Sports Insider Jay Glazer explained that Manziel on Tuesday night went to a Cavaliers game before the staff had decided on a starter. Manziel's decision -- combined with veterans in the locker room backing Hoyer -- could have been the deciding factor, as Glazer explains in the video above.
She said he then dragged her by the hair and forced her into a car, which he drove to Fort Worth, where she lives.
If Manziel returns to the NFL, he could face repercussions even if he is not convicted in court. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network.

The 2012 Heisman winner who beat the eventual national champion as a freshman is statistically having a better season than last year, and leading up to this weekend was in the mix to once against be in the Heisman discussion.
And while NFL evaluators watched Manziel against LSU this weekend, they left disappointed in his performance and once again questioning whether he can be a top tier quarterback in the NFL.
But his 2012 battle against LSU lead to a 29 for 56 struggle, amassing under 300 yards and throwing three interceptions. In the play below, you’ll see how Manziel has a clean pocket (as usual), and most likely could have stepped up if he needed to (though he rarely does). Evans has the size, physicality, and strong hands to make plays in traffic and in pressure situations, but Manziel has begun to rely on him for nearly all 3rd down passes, and defenses have begun to defend appropriately.
Manziel instead never looks at any other read, and the pass rusher is able to finish the sack on Manziel. On a 3rd and 10 (A&M was in a lot of 3rd and longs throughout the game), Manziel has plenty of protection upfront, and has a good 4 seconds to find his receiver.
With his two inside receivers to his left running a double slant and his favorite target Mike Evans wide to the right running a slant, the play’s design was to either deliver a strike to Evans as he boxes out his defender, or hit the trailing slant receiver (#6) after the safety was cleared out. Manziel both misread the safety’s leverage and decided on the wrong receiver pre-snap.
And, despite his major struggles pre-snap and on third downs, he actually showed a strong arm, vertical touch, and adequate mechanics. But it could have been Manziel's off-field decision this week that convinced the team’s coaches to go with Hoyer one more time. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that 803 of his 816 snaps came from the Pistol or Gun so that is obviously going to have to be taken into consideration by any team that takes Manziel. Standing at the defense table with his hands behind his back, Manziel extended his middle finger toward the spectators and cameras.
On a 3rd and 10 from his own 36, Manziel checks the middle of the field, sees the safeties and linebackers setting up in a zone, and quickly finds his in-breaking receiver.
While Evans does have a one on one match-up on the outside, Manziel rushes his throw to the deep comeback despite having at least a second or two left.
An inexcusable decision and throw to cap off Manziel’s worst performance as a college quarterback. The throw is over the top and quick, both improvements over last season, his lower body mechanics are solid, and he delivers a strike and a ball that allows for his receiver to finish the catch, not take a big hit, and get a few more yard after catch. Again, this was one of the few plays where Manziel impressed, as things quickly went downhill in the second half.
Based on the Cover 3 look Manziel should have read pre-snap, this deep in against a safety like Craig Loston may have been a touchdown pass.

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