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Watching the game, I watched Seattle blow numerous opportunities and make mistakes leading to turning the ball over to their opponent five times. Please note that Wilson did not waste energy verbally beating up receivers for dropping balls, nor did the linemen stop blocking for their quarterback Wilson after he threw three interceptions. Brother and sister patriots, I hate it that we are so quick to kick a courageous patriot to the curb who fumbles the ball during an interview or is targeted by the dems and MSM for standing up for conservatism. Shame on you folks who ran to the tall grass away from Sen Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin claiming they are simply too toxic.
The latest is district attorney Daniel Donovan selected by the GOP to run for the congressional seat in NY vacated by Grimm.
During the post game interview after Seattle’s extraordinary come from behind victory, I loved Wilson tearfully giving thanks to God. Russell Wilson encouraged his teammates to ignore their failures, shortcomings and the odds appearing against them and keep fighting which led to them emerging victorious. Comment Policy: The Editors reserve the right to delete any comments which in their sole discretion are deemed false or misleading, profane, pornographic, defamatory, harassment, name calling, libelous, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

Wir verwenden Cookies, um unsere Webseiten besser an Ihre BedA?rfnisse anpassen zu kA┬Ânnen. With 5 minutes left in the championship game, Russell Wilson’s third interception and Seattle two touchdowns behind, I turned the channel assuming Green Bay won. They stuck together laser focused on defeating their nemesis the Green Bay Packers rather than each other. These two patriots are among a hand full displaying the character and guts to fight for us at their peril.
Anyone on our side who strongly pushes back against the left or does not let the racist stupid inmates run the asylum, we are told are toxic and must be kicked to the curb; less we suffer sure defeat.
It was also very cool that the TV camera gave the international audience a glimpse of the Seattle team holding hands while kneeling in a prayer of thanks. Additionally, the Editors reserve the right to ban any registered poster who, in their sole discretion, violates the terms of use. Durch die Nutzung unserer Webseiten akzeptieren Sie die Speicherung von Cookies auf Ihrem Computer, Tablet oder Smartphone.

Still, he kept encouraging his teammates to keep fighting and believing that they would win the game.
It is cowardice and morally wrong to allow ourselves to be put on the defensive for standing up for what is right.
Do not post any information about yourself reasonably construed as private or confidential.
And then, you whine about Obama acting like our king with no one out there attempting to stop him. Conservatives4Palin and its contributors are not liable if users allow others to contact them offsite.
During his post game interview, Wilson said despite 3 interceptions and the score, they simply kept fighting.

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