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Of note:  The Pens sent Scott Harrington back to WBS yesterday, which means Pouliot is sticking around, at least for now. ShareTweetAs you may have heard, Red Wings superstar Henrik Zetterberg got married to longtime girlfriend Emma Andersson yesterday. Valtteri Filppula and Nick Lidstrom weren’t feeling the onesies, so they took the baller route and threw white robes over top. Detroit Tigers left-handed pitcher Daniel Norris in a post on his Instagram revealed that he has had a cancerous growth in his thyroid. Adam "Dorf" Waltersdorf is the Vice President of TMSNX and contributor across the entire Majors Sports Network.

He is the Editor in Chief of the Majors East Lansing and an editor at The Majors Detroit and the The Majors Sports Network. He also is the Host of TMSNX's weekly Football podcast "Inside the Huddle" and on air personality for the weekly Detroit Sports Podcast "Motor City Uncut" and the weekly baseball podcast "The Sandlot Report". Would YOU rather Wednesday: Pavel Datsyuk or Frans Nielsen and Thomas Vanek for the Red Wings? As part of the The Majors Sports Network, The Majors Detroit gives you the very best in Detroit sports news, rumors, analysis and opinions.
Norris, 22, said that he has known about since his time in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

However, seeing another doctor that determined I could wait until the end of the season reassured my gut feeling.
I was revived with an opportunity, a blessing from God, with the Tigers back in the Big Leagues.

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