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Josh Norman cried on the sidelines after the Carolina Panthers lost out to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. The Panthers corner back has enjoyed a breakout season, cementing his place as one of the best in his position in a 15-1 year.
Von Miller was MVP as the Denver defense put the blocks on Cam Newton in a game littered with mistakes and bad decisions on offense.
Cameras caught sight of Norman on the bench as the Broncos celebrations started at the end of the game and it was easy to see that he was emotional. After millions saw him crying on their televisions, many of them were quick to poke fun on Twitter – he has been involved in several angry clashes with opponents this season after all, including Odell Beckham Jr.
We are going to look at two of Decker’s four touchdown passes received against the Kansas City Chiefs in week 13.

As Manning drops back to execute the play-action fake, notice Eric Decker’s feet, circled in the black. Turn the page and we are going to look at one more, this time a mid-range TD from the third quarter of the same game. De Seattle Seahawks hebben afgelopen zondag de eerste Super Bowl uit hun geschiedenis gewonnen door de Denver Broncos ruimschoots te verslaan met 43-8 in de finale van de National Football League.
He is going to start to the outside, and make a hard cut to the inside with his right foot. He started to the right, but here is making his move to the inside, pushing hard of the outside foot, his right foot. Alle aandacht ging natuurlijk naar de wedstrijd zelf alhoewel ik mij beroepshalve ook focuste op de cheerleaders want in de NFL lopen er heel wat leuke dames rond.

I think if you take a look at the plays I have isolated from last year, you will find that Eric Decker is a terrific route runner and has great hands. As we move forward, you will see that the move gives him inside position all the way down the field. We won’t REALLY know until he takes the field this fall, but we can certainly speculate.

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