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I know for many people going to see the Broncos play at Mile High Stadium may not be an option due to travel time and expense, or let’s face it, just the expense. But if you are able to get to Denver and get a ticket to a Broncos game in Mile High Stadium I guarantee you won’t regret it. This is the most obvious one but I still don’t think most people realize how lucky we are to have him. There’s a first round Hall of Famer, a GOAT contender (if not winner), and one of the best sports role models you could ask for playing at Mile High Stadium. Bring your binoculars, crack open a beer, and enjoy the view knowing that you can tell your kids or grandkids some day that you were there when Peyton Manning broke a record, or got that touchdown pass placed so perfectly, or led his team to a 4th quarter comeback. It’s practically worth the cost of admission to see the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm parachute into Mile High Stadium before every game.
Displays of patriotism are getting harder and harder to come by outside of Memorial Day and the 4th of July.
If you have been a fan of the Broncos for a long time you will appreciate the history you see at the stadium.
If you have extra time before game day you can take a tour of Mile High Stadium and see the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, Thunder’s Stall, the Club Levels, the tunnel the team enters, and the visiting teams locker rooms.
If you can’t get your hands on a ticket to a game do the next best thing and watch a Broncos game with other Broncos fans. On an episode of Around the NFL on June 5th, Denver Bronco’s pass rusher DeMarcus Ware was asked, Who is the toughest quarterback in the NFL today? Ware finished that game with a -0.4 overall rating and was credited with just four QB hurries. I am pretty sure that Ware is not the only defensive player that thinks that Luck is toughest quarterback to play against in NFL right now. Indianapolis and Luck are definitely a team that I think players actually dread having to play against when they pop up on their schedules.
Fox4 offers some amazing follow-up details in this report that hasn't captured a significant local audience given that demographics don't match up like the national gun story on blast: Grief-Stricken Family Set to Say Goodbye to Slain 4-Year-Old SonMore . An important note from The Examiner regarding local government indecision on white-hat animal lover project that has now turned into a debacle: "Jackson County officials acknowledge that the new Regional Animal Shelter will not open as planned Jan. KCPT's WIR has a bit of a change up for their end of the year episode and quizzes Kansas City Media elite on the most important topics for 2012 that will influence the new year.Check it:NICK HAINES ASKS KANSAS CITY'S TOP JOURNALISTS FOR THEIR OPINIONS ON THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPICS OF 2012!!! Endless culture war debate and the ongoing attempt to take away 2nd Amendment rights stirs in Kansas City but seems to overlook local reality.To wit . Younger TKC Readers might not know that Ed Asner is one of the most beloved and successful actors ever to emerge from Kansas City. In the interest of equality and to, once again, demonstrate that TKC loves the ladies even when they're not wearing lingerie  . Gemma Atkinson seems festive and here are some of the more important Kansas City links for Saturday . If everything goes according to plan The Kansas City Chiefs will suffer an embarrassing defeat today. Reports from a recent funeral in Kansas reveal the very best and worst of humanity in Kansas . Yes, Tom Brady pulled off a miracle in going from late-round NFL Draft pick to the husband of Gisele, but the Twitter exploits of Jordan Daigle have taught us that we don’t need to be a Hall of Famer to land a total smokeshow.
Craig had blocked two punts, including one returned for a 30-yard TD, against Texas Tech the week prior, and was voted a captain for the big game against the Sooners.
Her friend looked Craig up on the Internet, found his Twitter and encouraged Daigle to “follow” him on the social-media site. Eventually, Daigle gave in, and when Craig next checked Twitter he noticed a new follower who claimed to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

At NFL Pink, you can learn more about the football players and associations efforts to help women get early detection of breast cancer.
A Crucial Catch is the NFL program aimed to help us all learn that early detection saves lives.
No matter what gear you wear to support your team every Sunday, you can add on your own NFL breast cancer pink ribbon.
Subscribe to Football Fan PassionEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish a new article. A pickup truck was smashed, a building hit, concrete curbs damaged, and electric power poles hit during the rampage.
Police say officers followed the bulldozer as it crossed a road traveling east into a field. Officers used a beanbag shotgun, Taser, and pepper spray to stop Justin Thornley of Empire, Colorado.
Thornley, 21, is charged with felony destruction of property, felony aggravated grand theft, and misdemeanor obstructing a police officer. This was the 15th year of the event in Denver, which raises funds for the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado.
For the last two years Broncos season ticket holders have renewed almost 100 percent of their seats and the secondary market for tickets has been insane.
Here are the 5 top reasons you should go see the Broncos play at Mile High Stadium this year. Peyton Manning is here right now and we don’t know how long we will have him because you never really know in football.
Season ticket holders have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly but they will always stick with their team. But at Mile High Stadium you not only get a great rendition of the National Anthem but the military is saluted throughout the game with messages from men and women serving abroad and a salute to their families who are usually at the game. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are fun and entertaining to watch – and about as classy as you can get for a dancer not wearing a ton of clothes. It’s centrally located in Denver and has a ton of parking within walking distance and plenty of places to tail-gate.
From the ring of fame around the interior of the stadium to the new Ring of Fame Plaza, Broncos from the past are honored practically everywhere you look. If you’re not local and can make a trip out of it, take some time to explore Denver and other parts of Colorado. If you have been to a game at Mile High Stadium what’s your favorite memory of the experience?
Not only does is bolster the fact that Andrew Luck is one of the best, if not the best, young quarterback in the league right now, but it really describes Andrew’s playing style and play making ability. The Texans, Jaguars, and Titans can attest to the fact being that they have to play against the stud of a quarterback twice every year.
1 and say they are not concerned about this week’s decision by the city of Independence to wait several more weeks before deciding on an amended city-county agreement."Sadly, if more people were concerned about County politics or if reporters were still interested in local government .
READER PERSPECTIVE: OUTRAGE OVER NRA "ARMED SECURITY IN SCHOOLS" PROPOSAL OVERLOOKS REALITY IN KANSAS CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!! However, let's never forget that Kansas City's excuse for a football team excels in no pressure situations and when nothing is really on the line . Thanks to the strong effort, he was out at midfield for the coin toss, helmet off, impressing the ladies watching from home. More important, you can support the efforts they are making in helping women in underserved areas. If you are like me and have a relative that has or has had breast cancer, you know the value of treating this terrible disease in its early stages.

The cheerleaders are joined by the Stampede Marching band, The Mile High Tumblers (there’s one guy in particular who is a crazy, amazing tumbler), Miles the Mascot, and of course Thunder the horse who rides out onto the field after every Broncos score.
The weather is usually wonderful for watching a football game but it obviously does also get cold. Go to a national park, take a tour at the Coors Brewery, see a show downtown, or try out the numerous amazing local breweries. Luck finished the 2014 season ranked 1st in passing touchdowns, 3rd in passing yards, and 7th in passer rating. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.
Asner's most renowned performances span many decades with highlights that include the Mary Tyler Moore Show and, more recently, Up from Pixar.Even more interestingly . It’s nice to see an organization with all the millions of fans that football has put themselves behind such a good cause!
From the super fans in costumes to the grandma bringing her grandson to his first game I’ve seen it all at Broncos games. I feel similarly about the flyovers we used to get at the end of the national anthem but those disappeared last year and I fear they won’t be coming back soon. The stadium recently went through several upgrades including new jumbo-trons and over 1000 flat screen TVs throughout the stadium. However, recent pics of the Brit superbabe trying to keep warm are exceptionally comforting.
It’s a wonderful melting pot of fans who might not have anything in common except for their love of the Broncos.
Even when it’s freezing, or below freezing, Broncos fans are in their seats cheering for their team until the end. Sadly, the nation seems to be gripped with fear and more than ready to give up their liberty for the illusion of safety . So I don't understand the backlash to Wayne LaPierre's suggestion to put more armed guards in schools? Or is it only okay for schools in the urban core?"And once again we realize that shock over suburban school shooting is really just a late manifestation of gun violence concerns that have long existed in the urban core . Ed Asner is probably one of the most profoundly liberal showbiz personalities to speak about politics since the Red Scare.
Players, coaches, even officials will be sporting the pink breast cancer ribbon on their uniforms.
Of course we expect overwrought and other biased coverage that laments Kansas City's love of guns in the paper sometime later this week. Each of those emblems, worn by these real men will be auctioned off with proceeds to support the NFL Pink campaign. Nowhere is this instinct more apparent than in The Golden Ghetto - A community born out of white flight and fear of minorities which now seems to be turning on itself. Sadly, no answers are forthcoming as Jackson County Taxpayer cash is wasted on an empty building.
Saturday Morning cartoons are a time honored tradition for TKC and this morning I thought I'd share a rather interesting animation from the 99% and The California Teacher's Union with Mr.
The animation stands on its own merits and should evoke strong feelings from both sides but the real lesson is that class warfare is now an integral part of the American discourse as so many wait for an economic recovery that's never going to happen.
THANKS TO ANOTHER KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTER WHO SENT US A PHOTO FROM TODAY'S KANSAS CITY GUN SHOW!!!This is important because it reveals that so much anti-gun talked aimed at shooting down the 2nd Amendment has only been successful in encouraging more people to buy more firearms AND this perspective makes it rather clear that Kansas City isn't giving up gun rights any time soon.And all of this has inspired tonight's playlist.

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