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I just found these online lol, if I designed a uniform they would be all black with just a tad of orange & blue lol. I've more of a traditional guy, so I love when teams stick with traditional logos but with an updated look is fine. So, let's see, this rumor was started by (1) Incarcerated Bob, one of the biggest hucksters on the web and someone who claimed at the beginning of the season that Peyton Manning's neck problems had returned; and (2) some anonymous guy who was banned from Reddit. Just speculation on my part but wouldn't there have to be a design before those who file a patent know?

Apr 3, 2012 On Tuesday in New York City, Nike unveiled its new line of NFL uniforms, rolling out revamped outfits and accessories for all 32 teams to wear  Aug 17, 2010. Leader has coverage of the Denver Broncos National Football League team, show your support for the team as they prepare. The Denver Broncos have been one of pro football's biggest winners since the The Broncos now play in the new INVESCO. Some fans like sitting in the front row at the stadium, while others enjoy watching the game from their couch.

Severely limited financially, Howsam clothed his first team in used uniforms  I BLEED ORANGE AND BLUE! Each one of these officially licensed resin gnomes sits atop your favorite team's logo and is designed with the colors and logos of all your favorite teams.

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