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Ever wonder what your favorite NFL team logo would be if they loved organic coffee, riding bikes, and listening to indie music? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sure, we all know quarterback wins are as meaningless as pitcher victories in baseball, but the narrative arc of history doesn’t. In two weeks, Manning, who was left for football dead as recently as a month ago, has a chance to get his playoff record over .500 for the first time in seven years, become one of 11 quarterbacks in NFL history with multiple Super Bowl wins (which would put him in a multi-way tie for fifth on the list) and give him a chance to leave the game on his own terms.

In five years (or, shoot, maybe even in five days) people will forget about Brady’s troubles.
He likes tennis and Bob Dylan more than you do, unless you're a huge tennis or Dylan fan -- then he probably likes them about the same. They’ve already forgotten how mediocre Manning was, missing at least three touchdown passes to open receivers. Even if Denver should win the Super Bowl in two weeks, Brady will still have twice as many rings (4-2) and more AFC titles (6 to 4).

He posted a career playoff low in completion percentage, his second-worst rating and had only one of eight (of 31) postseason games with multiple interceptions. And Brady’s success has come with the greatest coach of this generation, while Peyton Manning has now gotten to a Super Bowl with Jim Caldwell and Gary Kubiak.

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