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The 2016 printable Dallas Cowboys schedule is published below for Cowboys and other football fans to download, print and use to help them follow the season. If you would like to download and print the 2016 Dallas Cowboys schedule, we have it available for you in PDF format here. The Dallas Cowboys 2016 schedule has been released and you can see it in its entirety here. The NFL released the schedules for all 32 teams on Thursday night and the Dallas Cowboys have to be chomping at the bit for the next season. With a healthy line-up heading into 2016, the Cowboys will be expecting big wins and they have one of the easiest schedules in 2016. For a team that went 12-4 two seasons ago to be playing teams that finished dead last in 2015. The Dallas Cowboys season ended abruptly on Sunday with a controversial playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers.
From free agency, to the NFL draft, to restructuring contracts and cutting dead weight, the Cowboys’ roster in 2015 could look very different from the one that was on display on Sunday at Lambeau Field. And that change could start at the very top, with head coach Jason Garrett, passing coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli could all be leaving Dallas this offseason. According to Pro Football Talk, Marinelli is all but committed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season based on a league source as well as his relationship with Buc’s head coach Lovie Smith. If Marinelli does leave, Cowboys’ linebackers coach Matt Eberflus appears to be the most likely in-house successor. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Oakland Raiders have already requested to interview Linehan for their head coaching job.
As for Garrett, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has shown the young head coach a tremendous amount of patience and support in his four seasons at the helm in Dallas. So, at this point, let’s go ahead and breakdown the current Dallas roster, position-by-position, and try to predict how the depth chart might change when the new season begins in September. The first question posed was this: What game(s) in the upcoming schedule worry you the most?

The answers varied naturally a lot of women said that the division rivals, the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants are always a concerned and the Cowboys almost swept the division last year so it makes them leery about what will  happen within the division this year.  Most concerns about the division rivals were the steps the other teams have taken to become better and improve upon their previous seasons.
The second question posed to these ladies was: What do you predict based upon the schedule alone the Cowboys record will be at the end of the season? The most popular answer was 10-6.  The ladies polled agreed that there will be some improvements especially with the changing of defensive coordinator to Rod Marinelli from Monte Kiffin and with the draft projected to go heavily defensive there is hope that the Cowboys can get together a defense that can keep up with the high speed offensive their schedule is projected to have. A lot of them responded with the health of the team.  The hamstrings injuries in particular as well as just injuries in general, because they feel that the team lacks depth still and this draft isn’t going to fix that completely as the Cowboys still have starting positions that have no starters. Other concerns were the health of quarterback Tony Romo and within this can the offensive line continue to build from where they were last season and protect Romo enough so he doesn’t sustain another injury. Finally, the Cowboys defense in general was the most talked about concern.  The biggest concern being can Dallas fill in the holes in the defense with just the draft?  And how will the Cowboys veteran defensive players respond to having their 4th defensive coordinator since Jason Garrett became interim head coach to this team.
There's no denying the Lions are a talented bunch, but can new coach Jim Caldwell fix Matthew Stafford's inconsistencies? Week 11, at Cardinals: If all goes well for Caldwell, this could be a matchup of one of the top passing offenses against a very stingy secondary. The Dallas regular season football schedule will get going on September 11th, 2016 at home with quarterback Tony Romo leading his team against the New York Giants. In 2015, the Cowboys had one of the worst records in the leagues and were unable to overcome injuries to quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant. The Cowboys schedule is tied with the Lions for the fifth easiest schedule in the league, based on 2015 record.
While a team plays every other opponent in their division twice and gets paired with another division, they also play teams that finished in the same position in their respective divisions, which is dead last. That down season has also netted the Cowboys a top five pick in the 2016 NFL Draft which should net them a star player who can fill a need immediately. But there are also interesting names like Dick LeBeau, Todd Bowles, Raheem Morris and even former Dallas head coach Wade Phillips that could all be possible replacements at defensive coordinator. Outside of a head coaching gig, I’m not sure Linehan moves elsewhere to only move sideways.

I believe the 48-year old coach will return the favor and loyalty by remaining with the Cowboys for the foreseeable future. Stafford and new receiver Golden Tate will have two tough early road tests, facing good defenses in Carolina and against the Jets. Giants: The Lions open the season on "Monday Night Football" against the revamped defense of the Giants. Vikings: The Lions need to set up their two-game closing slate in Chicago and Green Bay with a victory.
Although having the title passing game coordinator and not offensive coordinator could be a sticking point. Detroit's first 14 games feel like an appetizer to their closing stretch at Chicago and Green Bay.
It's basically a brand-new coaching staff in Detroit against a brand-new defensive team in New York. This is the type of game that Detroit has struggled to win lately -- the ones they are supposed to win. Some of the notable matchups for the team this season includes games against the Packers, Bengals, and Steelers. Dallas will be looking to bounce back this season after an off year in 2015 to make a deep run in the 2017 NFL Playoffs. If you are looking for additional information regarding the NFL Preseason Schedule, we have those posted here, a printable 2016 NFL schedule grid, as well as the NFL Playoff schedule 2017. A fair note of warning regarding the NFL’s flexible schedule policy and the Cowboys schedule. All times listed for games after week four of the 2016 NFL regular season game play are tentative and subject to change based on what matchups the NFL determines to be the most suitable for showing in prime time.

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