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UPDATE: In a shocking development, the Dallas Cowboys decided to continue hiring hot cheerleaders for the 2013 season. So with that kind of tradition, it’s not easy to go through and select the 30 hottest women to ever put on a DCC uniform.
Now, obviously, fashion trends have changed dramatically over the years, so in some cases you will have to ignore some funny outfits and huge hairdos.
Paige Elaine was a rookie recruit to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad for the 2013 season, but she has that special x-factor that just might make her an all-time champion some day.
Continuing the apparent trend of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hiring girls with two first names  is Jessica Allison, another 2013 rookie on the squad. Nicki Hale donned the blue and white for only two seasons in 1996 and 1997, but she made an impression that lasted a lot longer. Sunni Cranfill’s lovely figure adorned the sidelines of Dallas Cowboys football games from 2009 to 2011. Ashley’s two year run as a member of the DCCs from 2000 to 2001 was not nearly long enough. Kelsi here is one of the longest-tenured Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on this list, having served from 2008 through 2011.
Fans of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader must have been heartbroken when the gorgeous Priscilla Martin left the squad after just one season in 1990. Billie was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for just one season (1979), but she made a big impression. Like Kelsi Reich, Nicole Hamilton had a nice long run with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

However, there is one themed cruise that I might consider: the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Trip. If Dallas Cowboys fans are still heartbroken about losing DeMarco Murray to the Philadelphia Eagles, we have something that might help cheer them up.
It’s a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the Cowboys Cheerleaders swimsuit fitting ahead of their 2015 Calendar shoot. I know, I thought they were going to go in a different direction last year, too, but here we are. Her official bio says her favorite movie is Pearl Harbor, but let’s not hold that against her. Obviously, she must have made the decision to move on to something else, because there’s no way they would have cut her. Sadly it’s hard to find a lot of pictures from the era, so this is the best I could do.
1993-94), Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had awesome names like Gigi and wore really high-waisted bikini bottoms. After that she went on to snag a number of different TV gigs before, star in some high-profile ads for PETA, and, eventually become a scout for the Lakers…which is crazy, but true. Now, appropriately enough, she is rumored to be dating a Dallas Cowboys legend: Troy Aikman. As you can see, she had a pretty great body and was rocking a Charlie’s Angels hairdo like pretty much everyone else in the late 70s. If it were up to me she’d still be on the squad today—the DC Cheerleaders could always use a few more exotic beauties.

Apparently her all-American good-looks were enough to make them ignore the goofy spelling of her first name.
But back in 2000, while still a student at TCU, she became a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. So find yourself a buddy and book this right now, because it sounds way better than a regular cruise. To keep pace with this development, there are a couple of bonus cheerleaders added to the beginning of this feature, so you can see how they stack up against the top 30 of all time. This iconic squad is to cheerleading what the Yankees are to baseball, turkey to Thanksgiving, or football to Monday Nights—which is to say, synonymous.
Nevertheless, I think you’ll agree that all the women on this list are worthy representatives of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders legacy. The two were spotted having dinner together back in May, so obviously they’re an item. If I’m on a cruise, I want to be either (a) looking at the ocean, (b) gorging myself at the buffet, or (c) drinking by the pool. I don’t want to sit in a conference room and listen to an old dude talk about football.

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