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Bootcamp Fitness is a Veteran-owned-and-operated, full-body, team-oriented workout program started by retired Army Drill Sergeant Jay Johnson in September of 2001. With more than 20 years of experience as a fitness professional and lifestyle coach, Jay has built his client base to include celebrities, world-class athletes, and international clients as well. Bootcamp Fitness has garnered national attention for the turn key corporate wellness program that has produced results for companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Dallas Cowboys Legends, Dallas Transportation Authority, Mary Kay, Fidelity, W Hotels, Westin, and Marriott Hotels, The YMCA, ICON, and 4 Mega Churches in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.
Jay’s training is effective because of his ability to translate his own training as a combat infantryman into his civilian business.
DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM resorts to an intervention tonight for Breelan and Caila as the clock ticks down to cut time.
In the video clip posted below, watch Melissa Rycroft conduct what the two struggling hopefuls think is a dance tutoring session.
The cheerleaders work for a football organization that uses video of games and practices to instruct players. Maybe Ashley would understand the critique of her heavy feet and Vivian could witness her lack of verve. ESCAPING POLYGAMY: Why Aren't Authorities Addressing Allegations Made in This LMN Series?

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Thousands of young women attend through a 3-week audition process, and 36 go on to become DCC Training Camp Candidates. He is known for his intense focus, desire, drive and energy, and backs it up with 20 years of hard-core military training.
Jay is the Fitness Consultant for the Dallas ABC and CBS affiliate Good Morning Texas TV show and Evening News, and has been featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks, Dr. His scope is tremendous and encompasses the mental as well as physical rigors of fitness, just like in the Army. Four more ladies have to go and in the sixth week of training camp it’s time to shine. Two veterans are on a diet, Ashley is still under fire and former fan favorite Vivian has yet to wow Kelli and Judy, perhaps unable to shake off her post-breakup slump. Much of what the team does during the week besides practice is break down film with the coaches. Not all cheerleaders have the privilege of working with Jay to reach their optimal fitness zone and uphold the top ranking of the Iconic DCC among the NFL’s cheerleading squads.

While she needs the comfort and positive attitude her mom delivers, having her watch scenes of Kelli’s critical comments to Judy is tough. He is a sponsor for the Make a Wish Foundation and the Dallas Cowboys Flag Corps and is an active member of Ross Perot’s Army Advisory Board. Army-Sponsored Kids Nutritional Education program in tandem with Weber Shandwick’s National Planning for Life Team.
Perot a highly respected Texan business man who ran two campaigns for President in 1992 and 1996. He is actively involved in his community as well, conducting sports conditioning camps for schools nationwide, and for local hockey, football, soccer and cheerleading teams.

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