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During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, general stores were usually the first business establishments to be built in a town. Every cowboy wears certain gear that defines them and back in the late 1800’s, fashion still played a large role. Just south of the Court House in Fort Worth, you can see original stores like the Sample Room, the General Store, the Hardware Store and local restaurants. This is a photo of the main leaders of the Wild Bunch, some times known as the Hole in the Wall gang. The Model T is an automobile that was produced by Henry T. Ford’s Motor Company from 1908 to October 1927. Two blocks from where the Omni Fort Worth Hotel stands now, the south end of Downtown use to have a mule trolley.
Groups of friends would often travel to Fort Worth for the entertainment, saloons and gambling. Saloons conjure up images of gunfights, heavy drinking, dancing girls, and brawling cowboys and gunfights.
Outhouses were found in very rural areas in the early 1900’s and outlaws would occasionally meet there when coming to a new area. Majestic Theatre, was a lively place in Hells Half Acre – this is where the convention center is now located and the hotel is across the street.
In the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s, Fort Worth was filled with saloons, gambling parlors, dance halls, drawing a rough and tumble kind of crowd.
By the mid-nineteenth century, Fort Worth, became known as more than Hell’s Half Acre, but a great place on the legendary Chisholm Trail.
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They were known as the gathering place for townspeople, farmers and cattleman to buy food, gear, or items in bulk for the long trips on the trail. From the style of the boot, the style of hat, big spurs, small spurs, lots of silver, heavy chaps, light chaps… well the list could go on and on.

The working-class men found independence in gambling and found it to validate their masculinity. It was an exciting day in history when the townspeople were able to see the first automobiles. Known as the first affordable automobile, many in Fort Worth began to see these cars all across the area by 1920.
Fort Worth became known as where the West Begins and a favorite stopping place for cowboys.
Two and three story buildings became popular in the early 1900’s and many store owners lived on top of their store. These men would bring their best of clothes and hit the dance halls, where men and women met. Outlaws and cattleman loved stopping in Hell’s Half Acre to catch a glimpse into the cities red-light district. Offering Wedding Coverage, engagement sessions, bride and groom sessions and bridals in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
You could tell where many cowboys were from depending on their gear and gear was constantly being traded so they could continue gambling or enjoying the local saloons.
This was a very busy day where travelers were loading up on hay bales, cotton and supplies.
Many rejoiced as the automobile opened up a new means of transporation and a way to travel and see other parts of the United States. Just South of Downtown where Whiskey & Rye is located today, businesses and hotels were opening and cleaning up the area. These gentleman became friends and like family as they spent most of the year on the trails together. Several buildings are still here in Fort Worth today and restaurants and hotels try to keep history alive through wonderful photos like this one. The cowboy originally has many roots as a Spanish tradition, which evolved to what we know now as the American cowboy. Today, Whiskey & Rye, is a true local gathering spot, where guests can enjoy live music, great company and authentic Texas drinks.

It was not until 1881 when a cigarette-making machine spread the popularity of smoking tobacco. Many of the same buildings are still standing in Fort Worth today offering a glimpse into the Wild West through photos and stories. The historic post office was built in 1933 and was designed by an architect to fit the Fort Worth look and feel. We had so much fun with this beautiful lady we had to split her Arlington boudoir session into 3 posts! The general store was often the towns post office, lunch stop, and the place to gather for all the latest news.
Certain types of gear were needed for different roles on the trail and cowboys liked to stop in Fort Worth for the latest trends. In the early 1900’s, Fort Worth worked to revitalize the community as a family place and many began to move into the area.
In the early 1900’s gambling became illegal so many held their own private games in unique places.
Many cowboys came from Mexico and New Mexico to trade in Fort Worth and lead their cattle up to Kansas.
Today, bars offer live music, speciality menus and unique drinks and many still have the long wooden bar style. Families began to move into Fort Worth and city began cleaning up the southern half of downtown. She did a full boudoir session with a few extras and fun vintage furniture from Gold Dust Vintage Rentals and shot at Howell Farms.
Today, gambling is not permitted in Fort Worth, Texas but it is fun to relive history through unique photos like these gentleman who are holding a serious game in secret. They want to show the Texan side of their relationship choosing the Stockyards for their wedding and their engagement.

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