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Fox Sports is reporting that it was indeed the N-word that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick uttered during the team’s home opener that led to an $11,025 “inappropriate language” fine from the league. However, Kaepernick is still denying that he used any racial slur during the 28-20 loss to the Chicago Bears last week at SF’s new Levi’s Stadium. A Fox Sports report cited an unnamed source as saying that an on-field game official heard Kaepernick use the N-word on the field against the Bears. Field video shot by KPIX-TV showed that Kaepernick, indeed, said something, though no audio could be heard. Side judge Laird Hayes called the penalty after Kaepernick had an exchange with Houston following a fourth-quarter interception.
Since the invention of the zone read from the shotgun, coaches have dabbled with creative ways to add a third option for the quarterback.
When Auburn ran the play they ran it with as many as four options for the QB, though my understanding is they also sometimes just called it as a called keep for the quarterback where he could either run it outside or throw it downfield.
Against teams that use the QB as a run threat, like Auburn, defenses need to get secondary players involved in run support. There’s lots of great scheme stuff to pick up here, but pay special attention to the little coaching points and mnemonic devices Kelly throws in to help his players remember. From there, I highly recommend much of the analysis at FishDuck, an Oregon site which has spent the past several years doing film breakdowns of Chip’s offense. The oddsmakers have declared Georgia the solid favorite at nine points, and after their valiant effort in the SEC title game, combined with Nebraska’s rather ignominious appearance in its own conference title matchup against Wisconsin, that line seems fair.
There are obviously issues with keeping linemen behind the line of scrimmage, but it’s an intriguing concept though not a simple one for the quarter. Well, I just stumbled across a recent example of something similar (though technically it doesn’t look like there were actually two pass options on the play).

The context is that Alex Gibbs, then offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons while they had Michael Vick at quarterback, visited with Florida’s staff to learn about potentially adding some quarterback read plays to his vaunted zone schemes (the same scheme they ran with the Denver Broncos). For example, when LSU had Glenn Dorsey, Urban Meyer and Florida often used this same tactic to read him instead of trying to block him.
Smart Football by Chris Brown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. I quoted him (very) briefly in The Art of Smart Football, and the below clip gives a bit of insight into some of his philosophy on rushing the passer.
Early on, teams added a second runningback or receiver looping around for a traditional pitch, while others have added bubble screens where the receiver can either get the ball right at the snap as a pre-snap read or as a late option after the quarterback has kept it. I don’t know who was first, as some say it was Rich Rodriguez, others point to the Todd Graham era at Tulsa when he had offensive coordinators Gus Malzahn and Chad Morris, but I first saw the play back in 2007 and it seemed to gain some momentum in 2011 as Graham at Pittsburgh and a flurry of high school teams scored touchdowns with it.
Whether or not Chip is successful with the Eagles remains to be seen, but there’s no question the guy knows a lot of football.
But if you want to really know how his offense works, there is no substitute for study, and in football study begins with the film. He has all-22 game film cut-ups, organized by play and pass concept, from a few years ago for almost all of Chip’s offense. The Capital One Bowl, between SEC runner-up Georgia and Big 10 runner-up Nebraska, clearly fits that description.
Unlike a typical zone read where the quarterback reads a back-side defender, the inverted veer reads a player on the front side — the quarterback and running back head in the same direction.
The idea was essentially an extension of the traditional base run packaged with a bootleg pass, just combined into one play.

Nevertheless, for those bold enough to try it, the above video shows that success is possible.
Florida’s staff, meanwhile had just spent their first season in the SEC to decidedly mixed results. But Oregon, along with several other spread teams, have also responded by moving inside, by reading the defensive tackle instead of the defensive end.
Fortunately, Trojan Football Analysis has already broken it down, after the Ducks thrashed Pete Carroll’s USC defense with it. Brown writes and edits Smart Football, which is dedicated to football analysis, strategy, philosophy and history. He brings great defensive knowledge to our staff both as a technician and as a strategist…. When fully realized, San Francisco’s read option goes far beyond those basics, to places college teams haven’t even been.
Nevertheless, I expect Kelly to evolve his offense and, more importantly, tailor it to the personnel he has in Philadelphia. That’s what his opponents have had to do, and they almost universally come away impressed. But whether it will work will probably be as much a function of things unrelated to the offense, like the mastery of the roster, drafting and salary caps, his ability to coach, train and teach professional versus college players, and how he generally adapts to a pro game that is in many ways just different.

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