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When we found out Disney had hidden secret, sexy messages in our favourite animated classics we felt like idiots, but this led us to discover a much grander act of tomfoolery that has been committed. Without trying to destroy your childhood, I present your favorite cartoon characters that were 100%, without a doubt, HIGH the entire time. Yako, Wako and Dot claim that their super spazzy behavior compensated for the fifty years they spent locked in the Warner Brothers studio tower. I guess it’s hard NOT to be ecstatic when you live in the Kingdom of Caring, or the Forest of Feel Good. Before it was cool to rip your clothes off in broad daylight and munch on a hobos face, Taz was doing it every Saturday at 9am for forty years. Although they never showed Johnny boozin’ it up, it is clear as day that he was habitually hammered.
There is no way anyone— not even a dog, can sleep soundly on their back on the roof of a doghouse without being heavily sedated. The world the people behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns inhabit seems to be mighty black and white. So this creep wants a 90 year old 100 lbs granny who has a gun should not shoot a 20 something 230 lbs male who is beating her and trying to rape her.
Virtually all people who honestly bear guns take a sense of very serious responsibility with them (sometimes I do wonder with police stories, but at least our private militia is that way). Most of these idiots are so overcome with gun phobia that they just simply cannot be rational. The paucity of the anti-gun arguments should alienate not just gun owners, but anyone who appreciates a well-reasoned debate.
Those that have never been exposed to violence always tell on themselves when they start talking about issues of violence. My mobility scooter tops out at 4.5 mph, don’t count on me doing any running, even if I was of a mind to! So women or the men who stand about 5’5 130 lbs or less should take the beating from the man who is a foot taller and 50-100 lbs heavier. The granny should assume the hulking brute has no firearm and then engage him in a fist fight where she’d have an equal chance.

These mental zombies have no business in any position of leadership whatsoever, not even dog catcher.
Well cops have been killing people who they thought had a gun even though they didn’t have one. Remember to always store a large fighting knife with your gun, and to carry them both in household defense.
When I was a range control officer at Ft Leavenworth KS, I met a granny who was so accurate with a .22 she could call the eye in a full size target at 25 yards (yes yards, not feet).
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Throughout our childhood, we have been tricked into believing that our favourite TV cartoon characters were merely eccentric and quirky. However, their overconfidence, increased hyper-activity and massive dilated pupils suggest it was more likely due to hard drug use. Being a loyal pet to the pain-in-the-ass Charlie Brown, Snoopy had his work cut out for him and probably didn’t sleep as much as a dog should listening to all that constant blathering. Problem is, we shouldn’t allow the insane to take part in decision making, and they are. Now sometimes blaming items seems to have some thought put to it even if that in fact is not the root cause of the evil, when the use is empirically seen to be usually to the ill.
The guy who did this [DO NOT CLICK if you are squeamish - very disturbing image] didn't have a gun. In all my life I only met one person who as as good as she was and he was a Major with Delta.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. Little did we know that they were all on drugs, something that the animators knew we wouldn’t figure out until years later. Sometimes he’d have a great time talking to Scooby, but other times he’d freak out and see ghosts. Being released into Los Angeles in the early ‘90s, it was an inevitable fate for the naive triplets. Oh yes, they will get you with the Care Bear Stare— banding together and shooting love and happiness out of their bellies… and then rubbing each other’s bellies, because it just feels so damn good! He lacked the ability to socialize normally, like the rest of the animal characters did, and would destroy or eat anything in his path.

Like any other drunk guy, Johnny was persistent with the ladies and his self-esteem would never falter, despite his many failures. Snoop had his connections of course, as the the comic strip and show were not shy to display Lucy’s PSYCHIATRIC booth— where she could legally prescribe meds to the neighbourhood dog. Mark Glaze, executive director of MAIG, believes that someone should only be allowed to use a gun to defend themselves if their attacker also has a one.
It’s hard to believe some of them are adults, let alone people in leadership positions. Most street drugs are that way and so most people agree with bans, even if grumbling about the side effects. The item must be in the original, unopened package, to be accepted back for a refund or a store credit.If apparel, the item cannot be worn or washed. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place. He was always scared, cautious, and wanting to stay back while others went to investigate— probably to avoid a bad trip. However, in reality, she probably loaded the kids in the bus, took a seat and hallucinated while shouting random facts that they actually learned from. Lonely, unemployed and living with his mother, his substance abuse was somewhat understandable, and his unwavering liquid courage was insurmountable. Because the cases of 80-90 yr old grannies attacking young, large males has been getting out of hand. Her teaching method was unorthodox, but did we not learn more in that half hour, than in any science class ever? He was somehow always spinning his legs while standing in the same place, and was oddly incoherent at all times… bath salts.
Unlike street drugs, you can defend yourself with a gun and as the chaos level in society rises the importance rises. Undergarments that do not come in packages must have the original hangtag attached to them, not be worn or washed, and may also only be returned for exchange for another size, and not for a refund. He can live if he stays away from me, but if he comes after me, I have to shoot him if I want to live. If the item is not damaged, defective, or incorrect, please include a copy of the packing slip and write the reason for the return, and if you would like a refund or an exchange.You will be responsible for the cost of shipping an item back to us.

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