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O livro contem estudos de caso em seis paises sul-americanos, apresentando uma ampla gama de experiencias inovadoras e seus impactos nas formas de organizacao e de atuacao da sociedade civil, partidos politicos e governos. In Bryant Park there are a number of activities that you can participate in such as Tai Chi or a free bird tour. There are many attractions in Central Park and you won’t be able to see everything on your first visit. The Great Lawn is the large field in the middle of the park (from 79th up until 86th Street) with baseball and basketball courts and space for numerous other sports. In 1980 John Lennon, known from The Beatles, was shot in front of his apartment (the Dakota Building), near Central Park. The reservoir was named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1994, as thanks for her great commitment to the city and because she liked to go running.
A castle was built in the 19th century on top of Vista Rock, one of the non artificial rocks in the park (which is 450 million years old!).
A beautiful garden containing some of the flowers and plants mentioned in the works of Shakespeare. The garden is located near the Delacorte Theater, where from May until August his work is recited during Shakespeare in the Park. Opposite the Bethesda Fountain, on the other side of the water, lies the idyllic Loeb Boathouse, a place where you can rent rowing boats, bicycles and romantic gondolas. The Naumburg Bandshell was built in 1923 and is Central Park’s only Neo-Classical building, hosting acoustical music events. From the end of October until March you’ll find two ice rinks in Central Park: the Wollman Rink (recreational) and the Lasker Rink (ice hockey and experienced skaters).
Of course you can explore the park on foot, but there are several other ways to get around.

Steve Teglas, also known as “Steve the Food Guy ‘Steve the Food Guy’ shares Christmas Breakfast Casserole recipe. A He teamed his top with a pair of dark jeans, and effortlessly exuded sex appeal with his brown locks and matching facial hair.A The couple certainly weren't afraid to put on a public display of affection. Ha muitas coisas diferentes entre a escola publica e a particular, mas o que elas tem em comum? Hoje temos um nivel de endividamento comparavel ao da Coreia do Norte, um dos paises mais isolados do mundo”. It runs from 59th to 110th Street (and from Fifth to 8th Avenue) and was constructed artificially with here and there bits of untouched nature.
After his death, Strawberry Fields was designed as a symbol of peace, on the spot in the park where he was always happy.
This is still a popular place to go running, especially in the spring because the trees bloom beautifully.
Until the ‘60s this place was used by the New York Meteorological Observatory to predict the weather.
There is also a mulberry tree, which is said to be an offshoot of a tree that was planted by Shakespeare himself in 1602.
This is a wildly popular series of theatrical performances, in which celebrities like Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman have performed over the years. On the steps you have a wonderful view of the lake and the Great Lawn and under the stairs, because of the good acoustics, street performers often sing or play instruments.
Of course you can also just relax while enjoying a snack and drink, with a fantastic view over the lake. Elkan Naumburg, a banker and philanthropist from New York funded the construction of the bandshell.

It’s best to rent your bikes in advance, this way you pay less and you are guaranteed a bike. Modern dance is focused on movement, natural rhythm and the weight of the body. The lessons are fun and suitable for all ages. They also have a special Children’s Zoo, where children can pet goats, sheep, cows and pot-bellied pigs can be seen up close. There are five waterfalls in total, all artificial, and New York’s drinking water flows through them. In the middle of the square is the Bethesda Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world. When it’s not in use park-goers can usually be found sitting on the stage or just admiring the architecture.
Until 1934 it was a pasture where sheep grazed and the shepherd lived in a nearby building that is now a famous restaurant called Tavern on the Green. It is also known as the Water Angel and below the angel there are four cherubs that symbolize health, purity, temperance and peace. Additionally, the company also performs bits of their own dance pieces. Enjoy the experience of movement and dance and come Saturday morning to Bryant Park for a free dance class!

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