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In 42, the sports biopic about the life of baseball great Jackie Robinson, the audience was left with admiration for the strength of character that it took to be the lone African-American player in Major League Baseball in the segregated world of 1947. Now, 66 years later, it is chilling to see a world in baseball where the composition of players looks no different from that of 1947 Brooklyn.
As Major League Baseball undertakes its crowning moment, the World Series, there is but one player among the 50 on the rosters of the St. MLB records indicate that 8.5 percent of the players at the beginning of the season were Black.
It's a far cry from the look of the Cardinals in their glory days of the late 1960s, when the team boasted the likes of such African-American players as Curt Flood, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson and Alex Johnson.
It's a vexing problem for Major League Baseball, which has seen the list of African-American players shrink steadily over the years.

I thought that was a pretty great quote from Lou (that first part above is, I'm pretty sure, verbatim). And I'm sure the Cubs are working up a large shoulder chip with this string of crapball, so I'm expecting good things to begin today. I began the illustrations in 2003 - you can find the links to the 2003 - 2006 seasons below.
Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Socks reveals the scarcity of African-Americans in Major League Baseball.
Jackie Robinson’s beginning with the Brooklyn Dodgers seemed a harbinger of great things to come. Now, at season’s end, there is only one player who identified himself as an African-American.

The League has stated that it's an issue it's working to address through a variety of programs.
Please note that MLB owns the rights to everything, and while I'm free to talk and paint about Cubs on the blog, MLB will not allow anything I do (with Cubs, Wrigley, etc) to be sold by anyone but them.

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