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When we tried to break down skeleton, we tabbed America's Katie Uhlaender as a medal hopeful, due to her 2012 World Championship victory at Lake Placid.
You see, skeletoners wear helmets because THEY'RE SLIDING DOWN AN ICE TUNNEL AT 90 MILES AN HOUR FACE FIRST AHH AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH and it makes them more aerodynamic. T-Shirt illustration of an American Bald Eagle and a fire-fighter helmet I created for a brand of apparel for fire-fighters. What's This?Want to earn free gift certificates that can be used to purchase autographs, memorabilia, collectibles? MLB Baseball Memorabilia: Great MLB memorabilia and autographs are available from many different MLB teams and players. NFL Football Memorabilia: Shop NFL memorabilia and NFL autographs from all NFL teams and players. NBA Basketball Memorabilia: Find NBA autographs and fine memorabilia from many different NBA teams and NBA players. NHL Hockey Memorabilia: For the hockey fan you'll find NHL memorabilia, autographs, and collectibles can be found related to many different NHL teams and players. NCAA Memorabilia: Shop our collection of collegiate memorabilia and NCAA autographs available from many different college teams and players.
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I set up this design for full-color printing, and kept everything in separate layers so we could customize the design in the future for each troop of firemen who purchase the shirt. It's Already Signed 4 U is your one stop for all authentic, autographed sports memorabilia. Pick up an autographed soccer ball, boot, or magazine for yourself or give a nice signed soccer jersey as a gift. I chose to illustrate this in a more realistic style than I typically do, and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

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