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Some teams are closer to their traditional look with some very minimal changes like the NFC North And AFC East, but everyone outside of that, some teams have some cool and odd risky looks that may not go over too well with fans. I’m old school, I love piped stripes on helmets and pants, or none at all on uniforms. These are okay, but I think I only counted 3 or 4 that are even remotely different than the current uniforms..
As an Indy fan I used to getting the same design for 50 years, be nice to see the team challenge that tradition.
Cleveland Cavaliers fans rioted in anger the last time LeBron James was a free agent, and decided to leave the Ohio team to join the Miami Heat. Security has been letting fans drive by James' home, but they are not letting them stop in front of it. The last time James was a free agent was in 2010, when he decided to leave the Cavs and join the Miami Heat. Bad news: Fans rioted in anger the last time James was a free agent and decided to leave the Cavs for Miami.

The variations in color scheme of the uniforms I can tolerate, but I think the proof in the pudding will be when the NFL channel have their votes for the best and worst uniforms for 2015 in the coming new year. I love the falcons and saints but seriously Todd Gurley may not look great in those unis, but I like em! Really like the Texans, and Washingtons logo design for helmet even the Eagles logo redesign works (though i wouldnt pair it with the same design on shoulder pads). Local Police Chief Michael McNeeley told Fox 8 that James hires off-duty policemen to work security outside his property every day, but that more officers will be present today and tonight when the decision is expected.
Rumors were that James was to announce his decision via his website at 3:30pm on Thursday, but that hour came and went with no announcement and even caused the site to crash.
Fans then rioted in anger, starting fires in the street to burn LeBron jerseys, posters and other paraphernalia. Some of the number fonts are hideous and the spacesuit style outfits just make me feel a disconnect to the rich history of the nfl. I was excited to look at the broncos redesign… it was basically the same thing, just cleaned up a little.

Optimistic Cavs fans have started to gather outside James' Akron, Ohio house, as they await his decision which is expected to be announced tonight. James and his agent Rich Paul reportedly met with Miami Heat President Pat Riley in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Sources told ESPN that James needs to discuss the decision with his family before making any announcement. The black color with those green shades on pants and shoulders plus the green numbers are a pretty nice combination. Sources told ESPN that James' does not plan to fly to Ohio at any point on Thursday.A  Instead, he'll fly straight from a basketball camp in Las Vegas to Brazil to attend Sunday's World Cup final, the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

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