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Herpes is a disease which gets easily transmitted when you are not careful with your personal hygiene. Studies have been carried out where honey was used to treat the symptoms of herpes instead of the generally preferred antiviral drug, acyclovir cream and it turned out to be better.
Changing your lifestyle always helps in treating any disease by first removing the cause and then strengthening your immune system. Vitamin c and lysine are also two substances you might want to consume since they both help in reducing the symptoms of herpes. Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic unlike the pharmaceutical drugs assigned by the doctors. Even medically there is no cure for herpes and any treatment administered only eases the symptoms.
Dip a wet cotton ball or piece of gauze in baking soda and then apply this on the affected area. Remember not to dip a used gauze or cotton ball in the baking soda again, or there will be high chances of contamination. Tea tree oil is very good for dealing with any type of skin rash and also the herpes sores. Glycyrrhizic acid present in the Licorice roots is very effective in the deactivation of the herpes virus.

Choose lighter fabrics like cotton for your undergarment rather than nylon or any other synthetic material. Ensure that these are loose and do not fit very tightly as they will then prevent chaffing, increase comfort and accelerate the healing of the sores caused by herpes. Aloe Vera gel has great medicinal properties and can be applied to every area of the body including sensitive areas, delicate skin and mucous membranes. Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties especially the Manuka honey from New Zealand. Honey being natural doesn’t lead to side effects like local itching which acyclovir cream is known to cause.Pain and crusting get reduced to a larger extent with the use of honey than with the acyclovir cream. Ayurvedic cures designed years ago by our ancestors are the best part of our heritage, something which we often forget about. Use of aloe vera, a kind of plant rich in vitamin E, helps reduce itching and soreness to a great extent. Changing your eating habits is one of the foremost steps in building a stronger immune system. So use of homeopathic drugs are often very useful in treating herpes and preventing its reccurence.However many people don’t believe in the power of homeopathic medicines. Not only does this help you maintain good personal hygiene but it also goes a long way in rejuvenating your body and its immune system.Also, a warm bath is just what you need to reduce your soreness and itching. Hence, natural treatment options available are preferred than the clinical ones for the treatment of herpes as they are cost effective and safe. When baking soda is applied to skin affected by herpes it relieves the itching and further helps to dry out the sores.

A small amount of oil applied directly to the afflicted area with the dropper or a cotton ball will provide relief. Hence, applying lemon balm directly on the affected area regularly will provide relief within three to twenty four hours. It you use a freshly cut plant, just rub the inner portion of the plant on the affected area. This will clean, soothe and dry the sores thus providing relief from itching and discomfort. But in these cases you must try consuming more of Resveratrol which is a strong antioxidant obtained from grape seed and Lactoferrin, which is a potent antimicrobial protein found in colostrums.
But if you are above chemical drugs and are looking to try something new, you may take a chance with homeopathy for it doesn’t even cause any side-effects. This is a kind of physiological therapy where they tap out the emotional precedent causing your immune system to weaken and remove that emotional root allowing your system to get reactivated and certain genes, which help remove the symptoms of herpes, to be rejuvenated.
Oral and genital herpes are more common occurring and genital herpes is more importantly embarrassment as it is a sexually transmitted disease.

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