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Polio is hardly associated with anything pleasant but in the case of brain cancer research scientists at Duke University are carrying out, the virus can be considered a savior. For the treatment, patients were administered about a teaspoonful of the polio virus directly on to their tumors. Gromeier explained that the treatment works by tearing away the protective layer that shields cancer cells from the body's immune system. Editor's Note: For more information on the Duke University polio trial or other brain cancer trials, click here or call 919-684-5301 The following script is from "Killing Cancer" which aired on March 29, 2015. It's a tedious process because getting in that much of the virus into the brain takes about six and a half hours, plus the surgeon has to make sure that none of the virus gets to the other parts of the brain. Researchers say that the FDA should be deciding in about a year if the treatment will be given "breakthrough status" to make it available to more patients sooner.

Some of the patients there use words that doctors don't use, like "miracle" and "cure." And that's remarkable, because these patients were handed a death sentence, a relentless brain cancer called glioblastoma.
Glioblastoma was diagnosed in the 21st year of the Georgia couple's marriage -- just as they could make out the finish line for Zach and Luke at college. While polio contains larger molecules that limits its movement, ensuring that the virus is administered in the right spot is key to guaranteeing it stays where it should. To beat it, researchers are doing something that many thought was crazy, they are infecting the tumors with polio -- the virus that has crippled and killed for centuries. Given the polio virus' reputation, many of them were simply afraid that what Gromeier is doing is dangerous.
Feeling like she had nothing to lose, Lipscomb enrolled in the clinical trial testing the polio virus' effect on glioblastoma.

Radiation flashed on in the 19th century, chemotherapy began to drip in the 20th but, for so many, 100 years of research adds up to just a few more months of life. Well tonight, you're about see a discovery for the 21st century that may be a big leap forward --awakening the power of the body's immune system. Now, the virus in this syringe, which mankind has fought to eradicate from the earth, is the last chance she has in the world. But, you know, throughout all of this, if this gives other people hope I'm all for it." Dr.

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