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As a whole the cards span from the highest spiritual vibrations through the psyche, mind and body and the four realms of nature, including specific social patterns.
These cards contain the vibrational subtle energy and light information of the past and future in the simultaneous present. This book and set of 64 color cards contain a comprehensive set of vibrational "seed-forms" that, brought into consciousness, can be used for spiritual insight and healing. Developer of application forms and Identification cards for DrapJah ministries, a coptic church that advocated religious use. Created identification cards, and 215 Statement Signs and other print media to support Proposition 215.

The card deck is a practical, psychospiritual guidance system for 128 qualitatively different human situations (64 in Old Earth and 64 in New Earth). Part of the content is the geometric energy patterns of the cards themselves and their symbolic colors. A single leaky little lifeboat will be lowered and the chiefs of the Big Three will be invited to go for a brief little row, and then they will sink, glug, glug, glug, while the rusty old Titanic of the car industry slides diagonally into the deep behind them, against a sickening greenish-orange sunset backdrop of the morbid economy.
For years now, I have wondered how their sense of grievance and resentment will be expressed when the supermarket shelves run bare and the cardboard signs get taped over the local gas pump and the cable TV gets cut off for non-payment. The readings are for the individual cards in both the Old Earth and New Earth and consist of the extracted essence of the author's 50 years of study and creativity in mythology, spirituality, psychology, and art.

Appear in Public Service announcement urging the public to grow medicine featuring Jack Herer, and science fiction author George Clayton Johnson.
The 83 paths and 46 planes (made of groups of cards) give unique readings for how a person's destiny is shaping up -- their mytho-spiritual path.

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