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The home Epley method (for the left side) is performed as shown on the figure to the right. Radke et al (2004) also studied the home Semont maneuver, using a similar procedure as the home-Epley. If one is willing to engage in athletic positions as in the half-somersault procedure, why not just take things to the logical extreme and do a complete backward sumersault in the plane of the affected canal, starting from upright (A below), then to the home-Epley bottom position above (B below), then into the Foster position C -- midway between B and C below, and then follow through to position C below (which is also position D of the Foster and home Epley), and then finally to upright again. There are also home treatments for the rarer types of BPPV, but usually it is best to go to a health care provider for these as they are trickier.

These have many advantages over seeing a doctor, getting diagnosed, and then treated based on a rational procedure of diagnosis-- The home maneuvers are quick, they often work, and they are free.
They reported that the home-Semont was not as effective as the home-Epley, because it was too difficult to learn.
A comparison of two home exercises for benign positional vertigo: Half somersault versus Epley Maneuver. As the positions of the head are almost identical to the home-Epley, it should be equivalent.

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