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Integrative Medicine specialists at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, offer services that draw from both conventional and complementary medicine. Integrative Medicine specialists provide medical consultations for people who want a recommendation for disease prevention, longevity, wellness or life enhancement or have complex medical conditions such as cancer, chronic pain or fatigue. The incident started Rakel on a path that would lead to his founding the university’s integrative medicine program in 2001. David Rakel started the Integrative Medicine Research Park Clinic, which offers services such as meditation classes for stress reduction. His calling was to bring those lessons back to the broader world of American health care and help integrate them with the best that conventional medicine has to offer. Once considered on the fringes of health science, integrative medicine has gotten a boost from technology such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, which shows pathways between mind and body, and from research that backs up connections between nutrition, physical activity, and good health. It’s been a decade since Rakel’s training at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and he’s just been approved for tenure at the UW. Another service offered by the integrative medicine clinics is acupuncture, which is designed to stimulate the natural healing processes of the body and is used to treat problems such as stress, nausea, pain, and other conditions. At the UW, Rakel began teaching integrative medicine techniques to students, as well as fellow physicians. In 2002, Luke Fortney ’98, MD’03, now an assistant professor in the family medicine program, was the first of Rakel’s students in a month-long elective rotation in integrative medicine. Each facility offers therapies such as massage and acupuncture; the Research Park clinic also provides health psychology, Feldenkrais (movement therapy), healing touch, mindfulness stress reduction, yoga, and tai chi.

Patients in integrative medicine, like any primary care patients, get flu shots, blood-pressure medications, or recommendations for surgery when their health calls for allopathic medicine. With fundamental changes to the nation’s health care delivery system recently passed into law, integrative medicine may well get increased attention.
It’s not certain how integrative medicine will fare under the newly passed health reform law.
The discipline has had its ups and downs since Rakel’s training in integrative medicine began in Tucson.
His initial skepticism has turned to enthusiasm, and then evolved into a true passion for practicing and teaching as one of the nation’s leaders in integrative medicine. Rindfleisch's special interests include integrative medicine, dietary supplements, mind-body approaches to healing, and spirituality and health. It was there that he began to shed his skepticism about acupuncture, herbal supplements, guided imagery, and a host of healing techniques that he believes medicine can add seamlessly to the mix of traditional Western options. Since arriving on campus, Rakel has taught a variety of integrative medicine techniques to both students and fellow physicians. He spent those fellowship years learning how integrative medicine rests on four pillars of health promotion: social, psychological, physical, and environmental.
For John Frey, professor in the Department of Family Medicine and the man who hired Rakel in 2001, Rakel’s interest in integrative medicine has been a bonus. In 2009, physician Lucille Marchand saw her integrative medicine work at the UW oncology clinic go from full time to one day a week because of a funding reduction from the hospital.

A 2005 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine examined the top five health-producing behaviors: not smoking, getting adequate exercise, eating a healthy diet, managing stress, and using early disease detection tools such as mammograms and colonoscopies. There, surrounded by desert peace and beauty and influenced by a steady stream of superstars in the field of healing arts and science, he took lessons in the heart, soul, art, and spirit of medicine. When integrative medicine is hot, the universe responds with initiatives such as an office within the National Institutes of Health. Fortunately, the Department of Family Medicine stepped in, providing resources to continue her work. In January 2010, the New England Journal of Medicine found compelling evidence that reducing salt intake would save lives and money. In addition to editing the field’s key textbook, Integrative Medicine, Rakel’s work today centers on teaching and caring for patients at the Integrative Medicine Odana Atrium Clinic on Madison’s west side and the Integrative Medicine Research Park Clinic. He also started the integrative medicine clinic at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the UW Hospital. Often, patients who come to the clinics are facing difficult chronic diseases and complicated tangles of symptoms.

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