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DISTRIBUTIONHepatitis E is found worldwide and different genotypes of the hepatitis E virus determine differences in epidemiology. The period of communicability is unknown.• The hepatitis E virus causes acute sporadic and epidemic viral hepatitis. In Egypt, half the population aged above five years is serologically positive for the hepatitis E virus. However, hospitalization is required for people with fulminant hepatitis and should also be considered for infected pregnant women.• China has produced and licensed the first vaccine to prevent hepatitis E virus infection, although it is not yet available globally.
Hepatitis G was discovered just this year and right now scientist are discussing whether or not to consider the hepatitis F to be a virus or not. One rumor that has spread about hepatitis is that a person can only contract Hepatitis if associated with HIV or AIDS. HISTORY AS DOCUMENTED• In 1978 there was a vast epidemic of icteric viral hepatitis in the Kashmir Valley involving 52000 cases with 1650 fulminant forms and 1560 deaths. TRANSMISSIONThe hepatitis E virus is transmitted mainly through the fecal-oral route due to fecal contamination of drinking water.

Prevention is the most effective approach against the disease.• As hepatitis E is usually self-limiting, hospitalization is generally not required. Pregnant women are at greater risk of obstetrical complications and mortality from hepatitis E, which can induce a mortality rate of 20% among pregnant women in their third trimester.• Cases of chronic hepatitis E infection have been reported in immunosuppressed people. The only treatment for this virus is to get medical attention as soon as possible and from there the doctors will determine what to do. The disease of Hepatitis is actually by six different types of viral infections, namely, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and G. CLINICAL SYMPTOMS• The incubation period following exposure to the hepatitis E virus ranges from three to eight weeks, with a mean of 40 days.
Reactivation of hepatitis E infection has also been reported in immunocompromised people.
Hepatitis descries the destructive affect of the viral invasion of the body and liver by six and separate viruses.
CLINICAL SYMPTOMS• In rare cases, acute hepatitis E can result in fulminant hepatitis (acute liver failure) and death.

Globally, 70 000 deaths and 3.4 million cases of acute hepatitis E are attributable to infection with hepatitis E virus genotypes 1 and 2. A is spread, in fact most all Hepatitis’s are spread in the same way, but there are its differences.
LABORATORY DIAGNOSISCases of hepatitis E are not clinically distinguishable from other types of acute viral hepatitis. TREATMENT• There is no available treatment capable of altering the course of acute hepatitis.
Over 60% of all hepatitis E infections and 65% of all hepatitis E deaths occur in East and South Asia, where seroprevalence rates of 25% are common in some age groups.

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