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It is estimated that 10-20% of RPL results from anatomic abnormalities of the uterine cavity. Cervical incompetence- Responsible for second trimester fetal loss, this diagnosis is based on clinical history of very early rupture of membranes without prior uterine contractions. Treatment primarily consists of inducing ovulation to produce improved egg production (folliculogenesis) which, in turn, will correct a luteal phase defect in the majority of patients. Although maternal infections, such as cytomegalovirus (CMV), toxoplasma, herpes and rubella have been implicated as causes for single pregnancy losses, they are not implicated in RPL.
Bacterial infection within the uterine cavity can be diagnosed with endometrial biopsy and treated with antibiotics. The basic normal miscarriage rate is 10% per pregnancy ages 15-29 and as high as 55% for women >44 years old. There are no specific tests for these genes now, but completion of the human genome project has set the stage for this area of molecular diagnosis. Since 1996, RBA scientists and doctors have achieved successful live-born pregnancies for many patients with chromosomal abnormalities. The septate uterus is corrected by hysteroscopic septoplasty, an outpatient surgical procedure. Our physicians and nurses have a great deal of experience gained through counseling and treating the many patients with elevated FSH levels who continue to actively seek out advice and treatment at RBA. If PGD can be performed, this modality eliminates the majority of reproductive inefficiencies and allows us to select the best embryos for placement into the correct location.
This can be a disorder of either low progesterone production by the ovary or low uterine response to progesterone.

A 2004 RBA study with forty RPL patients undergoing PGD uncovered a very high 69.3% embryonic abnormality rate.
The same conclusions apply to mycoplasma, ureaplasma, syphilis, and listeria infections as causes of human RPL. This normal age dependent increasing miscarriage rate compounds the problem for women with RPL. A significant percentage of genetically unbalanced (abnormal) sperm or eggs will form in translocation carriers. This can lead to duplications or deficiencies of genetic material during sperm or egg formation. Patients with a uterine septum have excellent outcomes after repair with delivery rates approaching those found in the normal obstetrical population. DES exposure may result in T-shaped, unusually small (hypoplastic), or irregularly shaped uteri, cervical incompetence, ectopic pregnancy, and uterine constriction (hypoplasia). Four basic types of fibroids exist: pedunculated (on a stalk), subserosal (under the uterine surface), intramural (in the uterine wall), and submucosal (inside the uterine cavity).
Use of ovulation induction drugs (clomid or gonadotropins) will generally increase the monthly egg yield so that a woman may have a better chance of having multiple eggs available for fertilization.
Examples of this situation frequently treated by RBA physicians include patients who are referred to us for continued losses despite appropriate treatment of other non-genetic causes of RPL.
Nonetheless, a 50% pregnancy rate was obtained for these high-risk patients (avg age = 35.4 years old) when two genetically tested embryos were replaced.
Prior unexplained fetal death (loss of heartbeat after 8 weeks), severe fetal growth restriction with no other identifiable cause, and early toxemia (preeclamsia) during pregnancy would be another indication for testing.

Fully trained psychological counselors are available for you to consult with as part of your treatment protocol. It may be caused by a number of factors, including infections, chemical or physical irritations, and allergies.Determining the cause of cervicitis is important. No good treatment other than surrogacy or adoption exists for patients with multiple confirmed losses without any other identifying cause.
Myomas that distort the uterine cavity (usually submucus or large intramural types) may cause implantation failure, resulting from decreased vascularization of the endometrium, and should be surgically removed in RPL patients. However, both investigation and treatment of these disorders is currently considered to be experimental. Diagnosis is based on blood testing for Factor V Leiden mutation, Prothrombin gene mutation, Protein C and S deficiency, and hyperhomocysteinemia (MTHFR mutation).
If an infection is the problem, it can spread beyond the cervix to the uterus and fallopian tubes and into the pelvic and abdominal cavity. Five percent of the normal population of reproductive women may be positive for low levels of antibodies associated with APS. Alternatively, it is entirely appropriate to not attempt diagnosis at all and proceed with treatments that may potentially correct a possible LPD. You should not have sex until you and your partner have finished treatment.Treatment is especially important if you are HIV positive.

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