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Zimbabwean healer Martha Katsande shows a traditional medicine in her surgery in Harare (File Photo). With cancer rates in Senegal rising, traditional healers and medical doctors hope to collaborate for better treatment. Ndiaye says more and more of the 40 to 50 patients he sees each day are suffering from cancer, and they are increasingly turning to traditional medicine.A few kilometers away in downtown Dakar, lines of men and women fill the hallways of the Cancer Institute, the only clinic of its kind in West Africa. The Gaza Kingdom comprised parts of what are now southeastern Zimbabwe, as well as extending from the Save River down to the southern part of Mozambique, covering parts of the current provinces of Sofala, Manica, Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo, and neighbouring parts of South Africa.Another army, under the command of Dingane and Mhlangana, was sent by Shaka to deal with Soshangane, but the army suffered great hardship because of hunger and malaria, and Soshangane had no difficulty, towards the end of 1828, in driving them off. Gbodossou says in this traditional view, the real cause of cancer is an imbalance in the energy that comes from where and how people live.Nearly half of Senegal’s population lives in cities.

There are also techniques and exercises to improve the energy, like deep breathing, organ massage, and what they call "causerie," which is a type of group discussion.One of the attractions of traditional medicine is its price. He says even those who can afford to see doctors are reluctant to admit they also consult traditional healers.Dr. Traditionally, each Tsonga family had its own 'village' composed of a few houses and a kraal, surrounded by the fields and grazing areas. But he is convinced that if the scientific and political communities collaborate with traditional doctors based on mutual-respect, everyone will benefit. Compared with common western family structures, the traditional social structures of the Tsonga tribes are quite complex.

The transition from youth to adulthood is a truly warlike affair, where patterns are burnt into the skin.It is important to know that in the traditional Tsonga worldview, society is an overall unity, consisting of both the living and the dead. Traditional healers (tin'anga) consulted the ancestral spirits by "throwing" the bones (tinholo), shells or other artefacts and were thus able to determine the cause of the bad luck and suggest ways in which to get rid of the cause.
Traditional healers, also combine magic and the knowledge of medicinal plants (mirhi) in favour of the community.Shangaan Music and DanceIn the Shangaan-Tsonga tradition, the storyteller is the grandmother or elder woman of the family who is the respected transmitter of the old stories.

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