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Colleen Douglass says: Relying solely on Christian Science for physical healing is not at all unreasonable! Several fundamental differences between relying on Christian Science and turning to medicine for treatment are worth noting. Colleen is a Christian Science practitioner and authorized teacher of Christian Science who lives in Los Angeles, California.
It’s only but reasonable to rely sorely on Christian Science because it is the spiritual knowledge of God’s divine principles. Mary Baker Eddy was disappointed by medical treatment, but she felt completely healed by depending only on the spiritual power of Jesus healing work, while she was studying the Scriptures. Over the years, Christian Science has remained a reliable, healing system of the first magnitude since 19th century. I, too, have been a Christian Scientist for as long as I can remember and I feel fortunate to have been, and to be so.
I agree whole heartedly with the premise that Spirit and matter do not mix, and that one does not grow spiritually by merely fixing up matter in the usual, material way. A Christian Science lecturer once answered a question fairly similar to yours with a challenge: he said that every time we had a physical healing, to ask ourselves if we had learned to love our neighbor more because of the healing. I’d say then that the most effective healing method is the one that best enables me to see myself spiritually, because that is where we find not just true health and contentment (since spiritual man is perfect), but also a clearer sense of our oneness with our Father-Mother. So perhaps there is more flexibility to this issue of how to handle physical healing than we really like to share on a CS site.
A Christian Scientist is free to do as they feel is right in each circumstance, but mostly they prefer to rely on God alone because as Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health on page 411, “The procuring cause and foundation of all sickness is fear, ignorance, or sin. My main goal in studying Christian Science is to understand God and what creation is in relationship to him.  As Colleen stated, healing is a side effect of that study.
Christian Science is a spirituality-based method of treating disease and alleviating suffering that has been practiced by thousands of professional healers around the world for over 125 years. Discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866, it explains how Jesus Christ healed through divine law and how we can learn to heal through his example and teachings. The rules of Christian Science and its method of treating disease are explained in the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.
There is a church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, headquartered in Boston, Massachussetts, whose members practice Christian Science.
The author of Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy, discovered a science to the healing works of Jesus Christ. First published in 1875, Science and Health has been studied by millions of people seeking spiritual answers to the deepest questions about life. Science and Health outlines a spiritual method of treating disease that can be practiced by anyone.

Mary Baker Eddy was a phenomenally successful Christian healer, thinker and writer of the 19th century.
She wrote her discovery in a book titled, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which has been considered a definitive textbook for prayer-based healing by millions of people around the world since its first printing in 1875. Ultimately, it will bring into human experience the higher or spiritual law of God that enables one to exercise dominion over such negative mental states as fear, anxiety, envy, resentment, worry, willfulness, selfishmess, grief and guilt and their hurtfull effects. Medicine focuses on matter to heal matter, whereas Christian Science acknowledges the power and presence of Spirit, God, as the source of healing. But I pray daily for the spirituality which enabled Jesus to heal with such compassion and the conviction divine law is all.
May all find in Christian Science the freedom and courage to do what they think right under the circumstances, all the while growing in humility and grace. Having learned exactly what is entailed in reforming, and healing and caring for mankind, she pioneered the Christian Science practice and healed many people without questioning those she healed as to what caused their disease or its symptoms.
Recently, many comments concerning the certainty of Christian Science physical healing have been forwarded and published.
I am a life-long Christian Scientist, but did find myself in a situation that did not seem to yield and was about to pass on . And if we were healed physically, but we had NOT learned to love our neighbor more, then we should not consider it a healing.
Whatever helps us grow and expand our perspectives spiritually is the ideal that we strive for. I find that each physical challenge presents an opportunity to grow in my understanding of my spiritual selfhood and of my eternal life. It’s so true that material approaches and spiritual approaches are diametrically opposed in their premises. Even though I find myself immersed in a medical environment, I realize that any healing my son experiences comes from thought (God –Mind), not matter. God is Love and when we see each other as reflections of Love and Life with all the associated goodness, then we are being spiritually minded instead of carnally minded. It is a universal system of spiritual healing anyone can practice whether they are religiously affiliated or not. It also describes the universe from a spiritual point of view, how to conquer evil with good, and how to find eternal life. Through divine revelation, Biblical study, and personal experience, she saw divine laws at work that enable spiritual healing to occur.
This method relies upon the power of divine Mind to affect a cure, reasoning from the basis that God is good, is all-power and wills only good, health and well being for His children.

Christian, because it grew out of the teachings of Christ; and Science because it explained the laws of divine healing that Jesus Christ practiced successfully 2000 years ago. It’s the by-product of thought that increases in spirituality through a greater understanding of God as Spirit, Love, divine Mind. Medicine looks to material conditions or history for a cause, whereas Christian Science recognizes God as the only cause. But Christian Science healing practice is based on the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. These, together with my own observations and personal healing experience prodded me to rely only on Christian Science.
But on the other hand, I wouldn’t be proving anything by passing on either, and it would have set our children back decades in their study of Christian Science, not to mention my husband. She realized that Jesus Christ understood these laws completely and left his healing legacy as proof of their operation.
Christian Science has proven extremely reliable for scores of people throughout the more than 135 years since discovered by Mary Baker Eddy. Since the two systems start in diametrically different places, a mixture of the two often leads to confusion rather than to the spiritual clarity that brings about decisive healing.
Its method of healing also improves both spiritual perspectives and physical living condition especially of making you feel divine love and become happier.
God is loving and our Father-Mother – there is no punishment if we take medicine, because Christian Scientists are not motivated by punishment.
The two methods of treatment start in such different places, so a choice of where to begin has to be made. With Christian Science treatment, one starts with a perfect Principle, called God, and its resulting perfect creation, called you and me. What I find with spiritual solutions is that they leave one much less liable to a recurrence of whatever was addressed through prayer.
Throughout my entire life, I’ve depended solely on Christian Science to meet my own health needs. Ultimately, each challenge can be met spiritually to the point of no susceptibility to its return.
Maintaining a spiritual outlook is an ongoing endeavor of standing porter at the door of thought.

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