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When we think about personal healing, we tend to think on the emotional, physical, and mental level, but we also have the spiritual level—that which relates to our energy and soul. Shamanism is an ancient form of energy healing which connects ourselves on the soul level to all of nature and the universe. Shamans who facilitate this type of healing are connected to universal wisdom and consciousness. Although shamanic healing is tens of thousands of years old; nowadays, shamanism is practiced as a life path in modern society by individuals who are seeking a deeper meaning in their lives. Shamanic healing is one of the various types of energy therapies offered here at The Viva Center.
Energy medicine is the healing method of clearing the human energy field to promote health, balance, and relaxation.

Shamanism is an ancient healing method that has been practiced by many different indigenous cultures across the planet. A shaman views illness and disease as the presence of negative energy or a disconnection from the soul. In fact, shamanic healing is currently experiencing a revival in the US, as many Americans describe themselves as having a loss of connection to nature and the planet. Marie Rodriguez, ND, is a Viva affiliate and licensed naturopathic physician who uses energy medicine and shamanic healing with her clients.
Through shamanic healing, the shaman works to create a multidimensional sacred space that supports healing. What the shaman sees and knows about is the energy body, how it influences us and how it manifests within our reality.

Marie’s shamanic healing techniques include chakra cleansing, removal of heavy or intrusive energies, and soul retrieval – bringing back vitality and soul essence that is often lost due to trauma.
Marie, “it’s a really wonderful way to catalyze the healing process and have people profoundly resourced.
Shamanism treats all levels; the mental,emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the individual. With Shamanic healing work, the Root cause of an issue, not just the symptoms are addressed, restoring you back into alignment and wellness.

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