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There are now sufficient peer-reviewed, published research results available to begin to sort out Reiki’s effectiveness in various areas.
Reiki therapies are also done in a stress-less environment, such as the massage and spa rooms of the Austin Mind + Body Spa. Stress is a necessary by-product of progress or success, but with rejuvenating therapies like Reiki, you can release or manage it. The good news is that treatments to combat stress are within reach, such as the Reiki touch therapy offered by massage and day spas in Austin, TX, specifically Zen Mind + Body Spa.

The Center for Reiki Research has intensively examined a group of them through their “Touchstone Process,” “…a uniquely rigorous peer review method for analyzing a group of scientific studies” [using Reiki].
Reiki is a touch technique to relieve stress and promote relaxation, prompting holistic healing. You may opt for a comfortable couples’ massage in Austin, TX, which may include hot stones, steam towels, an infrared amethyst crystal mat, or aromatherapy. However, their design or conclusions are unclear as to whether Reiki’s emotional benefits were a result of pain reduction or a separate phenomenon.

Nonetheless, research demonstrated Reiki’s positive results for both pain and anxiety or depression.

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