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In the early 1900′s a doctor in Wales, John Beard discovered that pancreatic enzymes destroyed cancer cells. It causes the formation of cancerous tissue in the pancreas, impeding its proper functioning. This led the scientists to believe that it is not the meat itself, or the fat, but the chemical agents, especially the use of sodium nitrates, which can lead to cancer. The study also indicated that eating pork and red meat increased the risk of pancreatic cancer by 50%. If you are one of those people who is asking the question, can pancreatic cancer be cured, then the world of alternative medicine has good news for you. The world of alternative medicine is litered with highly successful natural cures for pancreatic cancer and so many people are surviving pancreatic cancer despite its poor prognosis.
In this article, l want to outline a simple, yet very effective treatment plan that you can follow to deal a final blow on pancreatic cancer.
If you have been around this blog for long, you are aware by now that l have serious reservations on the argument that pancreatic cancer can be cured with chemo, radiation or surgery. Dr Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, M.D, once stated that all cancers are really diseases of a weakened immune system.
Now, as can clearly be seen, surviving pancreatic cancer and, indeed, any other cancer, hinges on a holistic natural remedy that seeks to revive compromised body systems, especially the immune system. So, the best treatment for pancreatic cancer is a holistic approach whose focus must be to "flush out" the key body functions and restore the efficient operation of compromised biological systems. Now, the question is, how then, can pancreatic cancer be cured through holistic natural remedies. Part of the reasons why pancreatic cancer has a very high mortality rate is because of the speed with which it quickly spreads in the body. A natural cure for pancreatic cancer must of necessity be accompanied by a thorough program of detoxification, aimed at ridding the body of all the poisons that have built up over the years.
Probably the most important piece of work regarding what really works in the world of alternative cancer treatment is from Dr Moton Walker's research.
The most striking part of the book is not only his exposition of little known cancer treatments, but also his demonstration of how some of these treatments can be combined to achieve a consistent 98% success rate evn on some of the advanced forms of cancer.

If you have pancreatic cancer or any cancer for that matter, Dr Walker's book is probably one l recommend the most.
Doctors and researchers all over the world are hard at work developing better treatments for pancreatic cancer.
Complimentary or alternative medicine is of unclear benefit in pancreatic cancer treatment.
At this time, there is no known surveillance strategy to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer for the general population. Tumor grade is a system used to classify cancer cells in how likely the tumor is to grow, and how abnormal they look under a microscope. A traditional craft for holistic healing and rejuvenation, with alchemized energy blueprints from nature, handmade for each individual. In the Energy Field, (the field of Holistic Healing we specialize in), Pancreatic Cancer is seen as a result of long term energy imbalance in the channels that lead to and from the Pancreas. Energy Medicine also specifically targets disorders in basic energy management, energy conduction, and energy conversion that give rise to cancer of the Pancreas.
Articles - Understanding how the body works with energy and emotion for holistic healing and recovery from trauma. Two different studies, one from the University of Hawaii and the other from the University of Pittsburgh, point to potential cause and cure of one of the most aggressive cancers – pancreatic cancer.
The Tole treatment for pancreatic cancer has been shown to reverse this malignant disease even when it is in its advanced stages. Sodium nitrates are well known to increase the development of nitrosamines in the body that promote the growth of cancer cells, particularly in the colon and the pancreas.
His research has conclusively demonstrated the effectiveness of vitamin C, EGCG, lysine and proline in 100% stopping the spread of cancer. In a book entitled, Natural Cancer Remedies That Work, Dr Walker reports his findings on the 10 best alternative cancer treatment interventions. No specific complimentary or alternative therapy has been proven beneficial, but many adjunctive treatments have been tried. They are constantly receiving information on what the body is eating and drinking (and breathing in) and they are constantly working to produce the right amounts of Pancreatic Juice and hormones like Insulin.

In fact enzyme therapy has been used with good results against cancers in Europe, and by some doctors in the United States. Kelly read about his work, and cured himself of cancer using pancreatic enzymes and started treating and curing many cancer patients using pancreatic enzymes.
Nugent is a medical oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal cancers with a special interest in pancreatic cancer.
Stuart is a medical oncologist specializing in the study and treatment of cancers involving the gastrointestinal tract, with a special interest in tumors involving the liver. Given the slow progress experienced over the last quarter century, many doctors feel that every eligible patient with pancreatic cancer should be offered enrollment in a research trial. Compounds such as curcumin, the principle ingredient in turmeric, have shown efficacy in nonhuman research and are being tested in clinical trials in pancreatic cancer. Additionally, doctors do not routinely screen individuals with family members diagnosed with pancreatic cancer aside from the rare instance where a known genetic risk factor is present. Energy Treatments for Holistic Healing: Medicine for lasting healing through Energy Field Balance. Making some brilliant observations, he deduced that cancer cells come from stem cells that become uncontrolled stem cells.
Take both a plant based digestive enzyme along with pancreatic enzymes high in Trypsin and Chymotrypsin for the best results.
When these misplaced placental cells get lost and can start growing, turning cancerous, if you don’t have enough pancreatic enzymes. So you develop low enzyme levels of all types of enzymes, and your body cannot naturally kill cancerous cells using enzymes. With the highest cancer mortality rate (some 80% of all those diagnosed die within one year) pancreatic cancer is now the fourth leading cause of cancer death among men and the fifth among women in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. The scientists concluded that those who ate high amounts of processed meats, like hot dogs, and breakfast or dinner sausages, had a 67% increase in the risk of developing pancreatic cancer over those who did not consume the products or consumed very few.

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