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Many New Agers would agree with Kline that bioenergy is electromagnetism, but in their view it is much more than that. It would appear that Christians are doomed to failure when they attempt to fit the vital energy of energetic medicine into a Christian context. The idea that the universe is energy, that this energy is alive, and that this vital energy needs to be manipulated in our bodies to promote health is the basis of energetic medicine; it is essentially a pantheistic view and cannot be conformed to biblical theology. 19This is not to say that all forms of energetic medicine are unscientific and unbiblical in every respect.

Thus this energy does not always appear in the context of paganism, and it does not always lead to occult involvement and New Age beliefs. And I can agree with many of his criticisms of certain Christian critics of the New Age movement. 13 Even many proponents of energetic medicine admit that bioenergy still fails the tests of repeatability and explainability required of an authentic scientific theory).
Chiropractic, long considered anathema by orthodox medicine, has recently acquired a new respectability.

A number of innocent people and legitimate ideas and practices have been unfairly labeled New Age. The Hidden Dangers of Alternative Medicine (Milton Keynes, England: Word Publishing, 1988).

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