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If you’re looking for a natural cure for herpes then chances are you are one of the many people suffering from either herpes type 1 or 2. Meanwhile herpes simplex virus type 2 normally causes herpes around the genital area and is called genital herpes. Cold sores, blisters, or oral lesions are the most common symptoms of the herpes simplex virus 1. Normally the only way an individual can catch the herpes type 2 infection is through sexual contact with another person who is infected with genital herpes. Just like the herpes simplex virus 1 when a person is infected with HSV-2 the virus will sometimes be in a state of being dormant, but outbreaks can occur due to certain triggers. The best way to determine if you have herpes and be 100% sure is to get checked by your doctor or a healthcare provider. The best way to prevent herpes simplex virus 1 is to avoid coming in contact with the skin, saliva, or mucous membranes of an infected person. Limiting the amount of sexual partners you have is the best way to prevent contraction of the herpes simplex virus 2. If you’re dating with herpes you have to make sure you use the condom properly and consistently to prevent this strain of the herpes virus from spreading.
By far the most common question we get on our site is how to naturally fight off the herpes virus without resorting to expensive and risky medications.
There is so much misleading information out there when it comes to naturally getting rid of herpes it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
So after continually being asked by a bunch of our regular subscribers we decided to strip down 8 of the most popular natural herpes treatment products to see which ones really worked. Most of our subscribers went with our number 1 recommendation and tried the Ultimate Herpes Protocol and had great success with it. To Sum it All Up… there is a lot of reputable information in the Herpes Secret System.
Tea tree oil is one of the best cold sore remedies because that you can prevent an outbreak if you apply it at the first sign of symptoms. To apply tea tree oil to the affected area you must wash your hands with soap and water first. Another way you can apply tea tree oil is to add some to your bath water and soak in the sores in the tub. Take at least 1 gram of lysine a few times each day to speed up healing and decrease the opportunity for the herpes virus to turn into recurrent outbreaks. The way monolaurin helps treat viral infections is by breaking down the fatty protein shield that the virus has to protect itself. When you do experience herpes outbreaks one of the best ways to reduce sores or blisters is to soak the affected area in an epsom salt bath. Olive leaf extract has been getting a lot of attention lately as one of the best herbs to treat herpes naturally. As most people understand, genital herpes is a terrifying condition that infects even the best of us. Kenneth expressed his worry, since most of these women never showed signs of genital herpes. There was another study carried out where patients who have had genital herpes for over a decade, still showing virus shedding for 14% of the year. The studies shed light on the fact that hormonal contraception such as the pill could lower the defences of a woman’s body, making her susceptible to genital herpes. Highly responsible for neurological indisposition, genital herpes has managed to affect over 40 million individuals in the United States of America.
Neurological diseases that are connected to genital herpes may get triggered due primary infection or the reactivation of the dormant genital herpes virus. Not only is the meninges affected by the genital herpes virus by the occurrence of meningitis, the brain, nerve roots, retina, cranial nerves, etc.
About 70% of the infants that are infected by herpes are born to women who not only unaware of the fact that they had herpes, but also never showed any signs of the disease. This occurs due to herpetic mucocutaneous disorder, regardless of the presence of symptoms. 40% of sacral dorsal root ganglia are seen having a latent form of herpes simplex virus type 2. Shown with the presence of impaired vision and red eye, retinal necrosis seems to affect genital herpes patients (with a median age of about 20 years) and mostly older people. Vidarabine phosphate was actually the first agent that showed efficacy when it came to treating herpes.
A STD (sexually transmitted disease), herpes could be of two types: oral and genital herpes. Researchers find that somewhere between 50-80% of the population of the United States of America has oral herpes, while one in four of American adults have genital herpes.
Herpes patients have the choice of taking different types of antiviral drugs for maximizing the time span between two outbreaks. There are a number of factors due to which herpes patients are not completely satisfied with the medications they are making use of. Licorice Root: The roots have a compound known as glycyrrhizic acid, which has shown permanent deactivation of the herpes virus in vitro.
Tea Tree Oil: Acknowledged as a cure for almost any types of open sores, tea tree oil is usually concentrated.
The last step to naturally keep your herpes in check is by trying to best to remain fit and healthy. To this day, many forms of studies and experiments have been carried out to help the herpes-struck community to the maximum. Tansy has been used for eons to treat conditions such as rheumatism, along with nurse fever-ridden people.
For more questions about herpes, please read this post Top 10 Questions About Herpes Answered.
It is said that one out of four American adults has contracted herpes, which is quite a figure if you do the math.
This type of genital herpes is can be passed on by the direct contact of a person with the sores.
Of course, when you are having sexual intercourse, be sure to make use of condoms to prevent any transmission of the herpes simplex infection. For more information about herpes testing, please visit this post Getting Tested For Herpes: The Real Procedures.
This is something personal, which is why we think it is safe to say that the consequences are in the hands of those close to those who contracted herpes due to infidelity.

Since herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, you will need to be protected during sexual intercourse at all times, especially if your partner has genital herpes.
If you are about to have sexual intercourse with a person, there is at least a 10% chance of you contracting herpes from them. This percentage mentioned was discovered from a study where swabs were taken from the genitals of about 500 individuals infected with the herpes simplex virus.
Not known to many people, at least 16% of the American population has the herpes simplex type 2 virus. Individuals with herpes that do not show symptoms shed the virus as much as those who show symptoms.
Individuals with herpes that do not show symptoms shed virus only about half as often as those who show signs and symptoms. It is almost impossible to calculate how much of the herpes virus is required to bring about an outbreak. If a person has both herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, having virus 1 does not determine how often the person will shed type 2 virus. The key is to keep check of the number of times the patient sheds the herpes virus in 12 months. Since herpes is a disease that is quite tough to detect in some people’s situation, it is best to go in for a check-up and get a herpes blood test done.
Since the herpes virus requires arginine to thrive, foods rich in that should be avoided, such as cashews, chocolate, grain cereals, cola, peas, and much more. Also known as the herpes simplex virus, this is a very common condition that is very contagious.
It’s estimated that around 80% of all oral herpes infections are due to herpes type 1.
Some of these triggers include fever, changes in hormone levels, stress, a weakened immune system, some type of trauma to the area where the herpes infection occurred, stress, cold weather, sunlight, pregnancy, and fatigue. The herpes virus will travel from the skin cells to your nerve cells after the initial outbreak.
Keep in mind that the sores that the herpes 2 virus creates might not just be limited to the genital area, as sores can also develop on the mouth, gums, eyes, and fingers. Fortunately, those looking for a natural cure for herpes have a number of different alternatives from antiviral medications.
These 2 natural programs will give you all the information and resources you need to safely and quickly stop symptoms and outbreaks caused by HSV 1 and HSV 2, and keep them from returning.
This essential oil is a great natural remedy against herpes because it contains anti-viral properties and can help boost the immune system. Many herpes sufferers have had success with tea tree oil and not just treating or preventing outbreaks, but also reducing the amount of outbreaks they encounter.
Now take the eye dropper that comes with the tea tree oil bottle and apply a few drops on the infection. Since it’s a natural supplement it can be taken long term to prevent herpes outbreaks. All strains of the herpes simplex virus can be treated with monolaurin, as well as other viral infections including HIV and the flu. Taking either lauricidin or monolaurin will help suppress herpes outbreaks, and unlike antiviral drugs that are not safe to take long term these naural supplements can be taken over a long period of time safely.
According to a study done in South Africa, there happens to be a drug that is used to treat AIDS, which could be used to create a vaginal gel that could provide protection against herpes.
Celum, also known as the director of the International Research Center at the University of Washington, agreed that the risks of herpes were highly reduced with the help of the gel. It seems that the research suggests that female youngsters may be the ones promoting the spread of the herpes virus. Primary genital herpes in adolescents and adults can be void of symptoms, which is why they usually have no clue about it.
Although only the reactivation of oral herpes has only been studied so far, experts assume that the mechanism of that of genital herpes will not be too different. Even though there are experts who argue that Bell’s palsy cannot occur due to genital herpes, there are others who accept that varicella zoster virus and herpes simples type 1 virus do in fact cause Bell’s palsy. It seems that if you have genital herpes, there is twice or thrice the chance of you acquiring HIV too. In total, there are eight types of herpes virus, each responsible for a specific type of problem. Needless to say, those who have become sexually active at quite a young age and those who have several sexual partners are at a higher risk of having genital herpes. According to a research in 1993, 115 who applied lemon balm to their herpes sores and blisters were examined after eight days of religiously using the balm. Only a little amount is require d to show maximum potency, which is why a patient could apply it onto herpes sores, blisters and infected areas via a tiny dropper. There has been a fair share of researches carried out to discover natural methods to soothe the effects of herpes or to delay the recurrent outbreaks. It is also renowned for killing internal parasites, along with treating digestive issues, nervousness, ear ringing, respiratory conditions, hypertension, mental petulance, fatigue, stomach aches and much more. Therefore, it is probably very silly of us to assume that herpes is always a result of disloyalty.
Recent studies have help dig out a piece of information that is crucial for all those men and women who assume that herpes is the by-product of disloyalty. In this way, you get added protection from genital herpes, which in turn guards all those who you are sexually active with.
What is shocking is that over 15% of this population assumed that they were clean, until they went through this blood test for herpes. While the latter is caused by the herpes simplex virus 2, the first is brought about by herpes simplex virus 1. Children are young and do not understand the fact that they should not be sharing different things with you or whoever has oral herpes. Since the herpes virus looks for cuts and openings on the potential patients around you, make sure to remind your child to apply the likes of lip balm at all times. Our editor and user reviews of the top 10 herpes dating websites will help you to make a right decision. Herpes simplex virus type 1 normally affects the oral area and is often referred to as oral herpes. In fact, recent studies by health experts has determined that herpes simplex virus 1 is the cause of around 50% of all genital herpes cases. You are more likely to catch herpes type 2 if you engage in sexual activity without any protection like condoms, if your immune system is not strong, if you already have another type of sexually transmitted disease, and if you have multiple sex partners.

If you don’t have any signs or symptoms such as sores the doctor will look for herpes type 1 or 2 strains in your blood by performing blood tests. If this is your first time using tea tree oil make sure you keep an eye on how it’s reacting with your body. You will notice a strong odor when you apply tea tree oil, but if you can deal with the odd smell this remedy will be one of your favorites.
This essential amino acid has the ability to decrease the amount of herpes outbreaks sufferers encounter and also reduce the intensity of an outbreak.
Arginine is an amino acid that will increase the replication of the herpes virus, which will cause an outbreak or make an active outbreak even worse.
Kenneth Fife of Indiana University School of Medicine states that there is a chunk of the female population that has never been tested for herpes, has not shown a single sign of having herpes, but is still shedding the virus every now and then.
Varicella zoster virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2, all have an impact on the patient’s nervous system.
Dormant herpes infections reactivate with the help of systemic stimuli, via pathways that still have not been discovered or understood.
There are several factors that prove to be risky for neonates, starting from the age of the mother to time during when the mother contracted herpes herself. Radiculopathy that is caused by genital herpes happens to affect specific areas, such as the sacral or lumbar nerve roots. Moreover, if you do have genital herpes and you are taking antiviral drugs as part of suppressive therapy, the RNA levels of HIV will show a significant drop too. Since herpes outbreaks take place when your immune system takes a blow, samento extracts can very well help with the matter.
One of the most recent and most surprising research finding was that weed or marijuana could actually help herpes patients! It is their mission to discover the plant’s medicinal efficacy in treating differentproblems, trying to figure out what all health benefits could be achieved from making use of this tansy. A new, Canadian research has shown some devastating points: there happens to be a slightly higher chance of angina in some people who have a strain of herpes virus in their genes. This is: there is type of genital herpes that is being caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus.
Experts have stated that this form of herpes comes about due to sexual contact, but does not require you to have had sexual intercourse with the infected person.
And because it is possible for the initial outbreak to go by unnoticed, your partner may not have discovered that they have managed to contract herpes.
Although, new study discoveries show that condoms merely reduce the risk of acquiring genital herpes from others, but does not completely eliminate the chances. Oral herpes causes sores and blisters to appear around the mouth region, including on the lips.
So if you don't get rid of your herpes or you're just not satisfied with it you can return it for a full refund, No Questions Asked. Celum, this gel holds a lot of importance, since there is a lack of methods of preventing the transfer of genital herpes during sex, aside from the use of condoms. The effect of tenofovir was found when working with HIV; oral tenofovir could very well prevent and treat HIV, reducing the chances of acquiring it to just 39%.
He has also mentioned that most women do not really understand the graveness of the risk of acquiring herpes, today.
After 4-6 years of observation, it was found that only 3 women had been diagnosed with type 2 herpes. It has been observed that most people struck with genital herpes shed a certain amount of the herpes virus, regardless of the reactivation of the virus.
Distribution of the virus to the central nervous system occurs in 70% of the herpes struck infants. While oral herpes occurs due to the herpes simplex type 1 virus, genital herpes is a result of herpes simplex type 2 virus.
A side effect of these drugs is diarrhoea, which is why many patients take non-diarrhoea tablets along with their herpes drugs.
It is said that there are certain herbs in the lemon balm that has antiviral properties, which does its magic on herpes lesions. According to these experts, this strain of herpes virus helps clog the blood vessels, along with destructing the linings of arteries in the body.
However, Louis has stated that he and his team wish to figure out how else this herpes virus affects the body. Now, this is absolutely shocking, since the herpes simplex type 1 virus is known to cause just cold sores. Although in women genital herpes means painful and itchy sores on the vulva, in many cases these sores spread beyond the groin area.
The herpes simplex virus 1 usually lies dormant in the body, until the individual gets ill and their immune system takes a hit. This 3 step process involves strengthening your immune system, killing the herpes virus by dissolving its protective coating, and then finally keeping yourself protected against herpes so it doesn't return.
This book will help you break away from the depression herpes can cause and help you begin enjoying life again. Additionally, there is said to be a cure for herpes that is still being developed and tested to ensure 100% efficacy, known as the Wonder Cure.
According to him, when the new-born is just an egg or a sperm, it could be infected with that specific type of herpes virus. Our heart goes out to all those individuals who have caught the infection, having to face questions about their faithfulness on a daily basis, being judged by all those who find out that they have herpes.
The mantra of the website is "A life free from herpes", and that's pretty much what it teaches you how to do.
The gel worked finest for all those women who swore to use it at all times: the presence of the drug in the vagina decreased the chances of acquiring herpes to as low as 6% only. This 30% is only because herpes is from skin contact, which means even the area that is not covered by the condom could help spread the infection.
A lot of our users started to see great results within the first 2 days of applying the treatment consistently. It was like night and day compared to the Valtrex, Acivirax, Zovirax, Imavir, and other treatments prescribed by doctors.
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