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Herpes simplex 2 is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the Type-1 and type-2 herpes simplex viruses. Constant use soap and warm water on the infected area of the genitals is one among the home remedies for treating herpes simplex 2. Although herpes eruptions are dissimilar for each infected person and entail numerous factors, gentle antiseptic agents like soaps are recommended in all cases.
Baking soda and Cornstarch are the excellent home remedies to treat the sores caused by genital herpes.

Ice is one among the most excellent means to release aches and itching connected with the herpes simplex 2.
Put the crushed ice into a plastic bag and apply the infected area with the bag for 15 minutes. Then, gently tap on the sore’s infected area by using the cotton ball to dry get relief from itching.
They are efficient in their performance and provide an ideal solution for treating herpes simplex 2 naturally.

The Type-1 herpes virus normally affects the face, lips and mouth even though it can as well cause pain on the genitals of a person.

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