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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encompasses Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture, and other lesser-known modalities to treat a wide variety of diseases including gout.
A study published in the 2004 Journal of Ethnopharmacology reports how the Chinese herb Ermiao wan reduces swelling and edema; and, is being used in China to treat gout patients and those with hyperuricemia, or elevated uric acid levels.
Meadow saffron produces the alkaloids colchicine and colchicoside, both possessing analgesic and diuretic properties that relieve gout pain, inflammation and edema, or water retention around affected joints. Another herb used to relieve gout pain in both TCM and in Western herbal medicine is dandelion.

I have had gout since my late twenties, now a lot older, and have tried everything, cherries, juice, whatever, does not work for me though but maybe it was not the proper grade!
All I know is if you must work, for someone else especially, I have to take Cholchicine, to get back in a hurry or suffering will occur, for the rest of the family also! According to acupuncturist and TCM practitioner Simon Becker, a clinical study conducted by Zhang Ming and Tiao Rong [in China] comparing the efficacy of Western gout treatments with Chinese herbs for gout indicated the outcomes of “…both treatment groups receiving Chinese medicinals and the control group receiving standard Western medicines was essentially equal (94.2 percent vs.
Patients taking colchicine in any form must be carefully supervised by a knowledgeable health practitioner due to its level of toxicity.

Red Wine is another common gout trigger and now there seems to be a bit of a pattern developing in my opinion. According to Becker, Chinese herbs are free of dangerous side effects when used under proper supervision by a knowledgeable natural health care practitioner.

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