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Urinary tract infection is a very common disease and it is seen to offer more in females than in males. The germs enter into your body through the urethra and this is the tube that helps in carrying out the urine in your bladder to the outside of your body through your penis or vagina.
The germs inside the urethra have the tendency to travel to the bladder or the kidneys and cause infections to kidneys and bladder.
As women have a shorter urethra than men, they are susceptible to bladder or kidney infections and the germs will be able to easily move up to the bladders. A doctor or a physician will ask for a sample of urine to see if there are germs in your urinary tract system that can cause bladder infections. Some people might just need to take certain oral antibiotics and drink plenty of water to cleanse their bladder to get rid of the infection in their urinary tract system.
There are quite a lot of prevention tips that you can make use of to prevent urinary tract infection. The first thing you have to follow when you are suffering from urinary tract infection or UTI is to drink lots of water.
You can prevent urinary tract infection or nip the problem at the starting stage using baking soda.
Blueberries have anti-bacterial properties which help to fight the urinary infection causing bacteria.
This natural remedy contains many enzymes and potassium which prevents the growth of bacteria. This herb helps to fight infections as it contains chemicals which have antiseptic properties.

Personal hygiene is necessary to prevent the infections in women and to get faster relief from infections.
Using undergarments made of nonabsorbent materials makes it difficult to get rid of the urinary tract infection. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
A person suffering from urinary tract infection might suffer from a burning sensation while urinating to organ damage or even death depending on the type of infection, severity of the infection and the organ or the area where the infection is prevalent. If the test conducted in your urine shows traces of bladder infection, then extra testing will be done to find why you have suffered from this infection.
There are other people who might have to undergo intravenous antibiotics as well as admission to a hospital to get rid of the infections affecting their urinary tract system.
This remedy is not suitable for people with kidney and liver problems or for women who are pregnant or nursing. Along with trying the various home remedies for urinary tract infection, you have to change into cotton underwear and pantyhose.
Symptoms of this infection are irritation in the urinary tract accompanied with pain and high fever.
Urinary tract infection is an infection that is caused in the urinary tract system that comprises of bladder, kidneys and the tubes that connect the bladder and the kidneys.
There are tubes that connect the kidneys to the urinary bladder and these tubes are called the urinary tubes. Antibiotics are the most common medicines that doctors will prescribe for you if you are found to suffer from bladder infection.

When you drink plenty of water you urinate frequently and this will help to reduce the concentration of bacteria in the urinary bladder and the tract.
When germs or pathogenic organisms like fungi, bacteria or parasites enter into the urinary tract system, it will cause an infection called the urinary tract infection. But, there is a general argument that having sexual intercourse can sometimes cause urinary tract infection. If you are already suffering from infection, you will have to consume at least three to four glasses of cranberry juice a day. You should immediately get medical attention if the symptoms persist for more than a week and if you develop high fever, vomiting or blood in the urine. There are medicines for bladder infection which should be taken under the guidance of doctor. There are specific terms for the infections caused on the specific organs and parts of the urinary tract. But there are some effective natural cures that may be practiced at the primary stage of the bladder infection.
Orange juice, lemon juice which are rich in vitamin C, help to cure bladder infection effectively. If you do not provide the necessary care to your bladder, then there is every chance for the infection to spread to the kidneys and this is a serious infection which can also cause permanent damage.

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