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11-natural, alternative treatments for you which are used at the treatment center in Mexico. Request Mexican Clinic Contact Information What you'll receive after submitting the 'Request' below .
To receive the Mexican cancer clinic information simply fill out a request and it will be sent to you immediately. Chemotherapy, what's the truth about the ingredients, and do what physicians think about cancer patients. These natural cancer home products help fight cancer, but should not be used as a substitute for getting natural, alternative cancer treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.
Cancer Research - We are pulling together scientific evidence that natural, alternative cancer treatments work.

Request Mexican Clinic Contact InformationWhat you'll receive after submitting the 'Request' below . We welcome you to the Hope4Cancer Institute where our mission is to assist you in winning your fight against cancer!
Their treatment philosophy includes an integrative approach to the treatment of cancer, drawing both on conventional and alternative modalities.
For this reason, I strongly suggest you choose natural, alternative treatments instead of deadly chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. SPDT is a relatively new therapy for treating cancer that combines the effect of light and sound treatment to destroy cancer cells in a completely non-invasive, non-toxic procedure.. With our experience, worldwide research facilities, technologies and treatments, we offer you the BEST options for overcoming the cancer challenge.

Antonio Jimenez is the Medical Director and founder of the Hope4Cancer Institute in Baja California, Mexico. Bautista received his formal medical training from the Baja California State University in Mexico followed by a master degree in Nutrition from the same University.
IBC is part of a world-wide network of cancer treatment and research centers, and we are able to use the latest modalities from international biomedical research and medical practice.
Because clinics in Tijuana, Mexico have outstanding results and you only pay about 50% of the cost that patients pay in Germany.

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