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Knowledge Enterprises Journals is a subscription publisher that acts like a predatory publisher. For authors that have two or more co-authors, research funding, or work for an institution that routinely covers the cost of journal charges, the fee if [sic] $75 per page.
I think it is a very low-quality publisher that is in business only to make quick and easy money from researchers. I also received an e-mail to submit work on the Medical Research Archives by one Reni Koen, despite the fact that my area of interest is plant molecular biology. I just received a request from Reni Koen to review papers for Medical Research Archvies (sic), which is way out of my field.
We are looking for a couple more reviewers for the October issue of the Medical Research Archives and I was hoping you would be be willing to review a paper for us next month.
Hi all, also in my box a Reni Koen Senior Editor Medical Research Archives request for Manuscript Review Request [MRA]. Glad that I found this, I was planning to publish in Med Archives Review, I will now refrain from doing so. I am looking for a couple more reviewers for the next issue of the Medical Research Archives and I was hoping you would be be willing to review a paper for us next month.

Received same e-mail requesting service as reviewer next month from “Reni Koen, Senior Editor, Medical Research Archives” .
I was also wondering if you might have a review or research article to submit yourself on your recent research.
Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals: This year, 2015, marks the third annual release of this list, which is also continuously updated. The growth rate of predatory publishers over the years is really impressive, and the work done by Jeffrey Beall should be acknowledged. These numbers unfortunately reflect the accelerating expansion of predatory journals and publishers. I cannot figure out a way to stop predatory publishing, so I am trying to alert as many people as I can so they will not be victimized by the corrupt practices of questionable publishers. Mr Beall, please tell about Journal of Advances in Radiology and Medical Imaging launched by Annex Publishers. I have Annex Publishers included on my list here, and I recommend that researchers not submit papers to any of the journals they publish. I recommend that researchers avoid this journal and avoid OMICS and avoid Insight Medical Publishing.

The criteria document is called Criteria Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers, 3rd edition.
Be that as it may, as someone who *used to* review and publish in Elsevier, I can tell you that while they are predatory in the Capitalist sense of the word, they don’t reflect the wholesale corruption of science Beall is calling attention to. This list is often the only thing standing between a trusting academic and a predatory publisher. Please tell about Journal of Advances in Radiology and Medical Imaging by annex publishers. Fazel even went so far as to google me and claim he looked at one of my recent papers, which he listed by title… but has absolutely nothing to do with Medical Research. As someone who *currently* publishes and reviews in PLOS journals, I would say you are way off base in terms of PLOS being either predatory, or scientifically corrupt.

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