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A while back we featured the best Android Medical Apps, now it’s time to look at iOS apps for those who like to know more about the medication they take or for those who just like to play the doctor. Although not an iOS medical app in the traditional sense of the word, this app allows students to learn Radiology in a more relaxed way, far from the classes.
Med students can attest that studying medicine is really hard, even with all of Google’s Tools for Students, they still have to memorize an enormous amount of information. Although more of a fitness app then a iOS medical app, a BMI Tool is always an useful tool for those who think have a weight problem. If you are interested in the human body, then this iOS medical app is right down your alley.
This app was featured in our Android medical apps top also, and this can attest to the fact that it’s one of the best medical apps out there, for both Android and iOS users. This complete Pill encyclopedia give you all the information you could possibly need when it comes to pills and medication.

Enjoy this complete Medical Encyclopedia, complete with illnesses, medications and symptoms. Whoever wrote this is clearly not from the medical profession as I can tell you these are not even close to what I would pull up for reference while working. To their help comes this iOS medical app that uses flashcards to help them remember all the terminology involved in medicine.
This iOS medical app gives you awesome images of the human body with the possibility to zoom in and see even to the most tiny detail.
Well, now, when you do, you can input your results in this great iOS Medical App and it will memorize it for you. Bought the latest nexus 7 because I liked the 7 inch size but was really disappointed in the poor amount of medical apps in android!
As I mentioned in the other article, self medication is not something to encourage, these apps are for informational purposes only!

But with this iOS medical app, you can limit trips to your dentist to a minimum, by having all the information you need directly on your iPhone.
Yes, that’s true, the solution comes in the form of an iOS medical app, called Sleep Cycle alarm clock.
I highly recommend this iOS medical app for everyone who wants to monitor their health closely. On this page you can find the mosbys medical and nursing dictionary 8e PDF Ebook and convert it.

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